Saturday, December 15, 2012

Operasi Quack - Plan A

Connie came over this morning with a plan to catch the Quack.

Here's the plan from Connie:

My master plan :

1.Go get some silvervine (sillylupie hasn't replied me)

2. Bring cat food (I got, sometimes neighbour go holiday, their cat kena left behind so I feed their cat)

3. Get a big card board box. Make holes. Sprinkle lots of silvervine inside. (I think won't be able to put him in a cage because the door is on the side). If box the opening is on top, can easily drop him & easily close the opening.

4. If see Quack, put food & silvervine together.

5. If Quack takes the bait, he, if I'm correct, will see stars because of the silvervine.

6. If #5 jadi, throw a big towel on Quack & quickly catch him & drop inside the already full of some more silvervine box.

7. SMS you
8. Send to clinic.

So that was Plan A - it sounded optimistic and plausible. I had some leftover dried catnip (silvervine) so I hung them in a plastic bag on my gate for Connie to use since I would be at work in the morning.

Connie arrived as planned and started looking for the Quack...

But someone else fell for the catnip bait....

Is this a new cat, Connie texted me to ask.

Er, no...this is Timmy. He's totally harmless and he was the one who sat right in the middle of the road in front of my gate on his first day in the neighbourhood. I don't know if anyone dumped him here. He started coming into my house compound for many days but was really scared, so I never succeeded in feeding him. Soon, he stopped coming because (I think) he was afraid of Rosie and Ginger.

Timmy now lives in the blue dustbin at the playground. Yes, it kind of reminds you of Oscar the Grouch in Sesame Street!

This is the blue dustbin where Timmy resides.

And Timmy is totally and completely harmless.

So, Timmy went totally ga-ga over the catnip AND ate the kibbles too. And this proves that Plan A is plausible. The only thing missing today was the intended victim, the Quack.

He was no where to be seen. Smart fellow, won't you say?

Connie reports:
Operasi cat-napping using cat nip unsuccessful cos' the Quack never appeared. Hai yah! He sent his drone cat (Timmy) to survey. Poor Timmy kena the cat nip while eating kibbles! He mew mew & became weirdo a bit, I think he seeing stars already. I didn't take photos except the 1st one sent to you.

I'll be back Quack! I'll go get more catnip. This time powder!

And so by the time I got home, we saw a happy little Timmy sitting contentedly by his blue dustbin and later, under the car - on a catnip high.

Maybe on our next Operasi Quack (Plan B), we'll catch little Timmy and send him for neutering (assuming he has not been neutered, that is).

The Quack? Well, we'll see....shh.


Chen said...

Watch how the real experienced experts do it: Huhu. Wish there is such an org that we can call to TNRM in Malaysia.

Amy said...

hahaha Dr Chan, your operasi account is so farny.. cant stop laughing..i wish you luck in your next operasi..