Monday, December 17, 2012

Pilling Ginger

It was 9pm, time to feed Ginger his next dose of antibiotics.

It's always been a nightmare feeding any pill or liquid medicine to my brood of 7, so I braced myself for the task. What more when Ginger is a community cat and not even my pet.

So I armed myself with a toweling floor mat (it's thicker than a towel), a can of wetfood (Natural Balance Ultra Premium), cut open the foil containing the dratted pill (thank goodness it's quite small), drank a glass of water and took a deep breath. Tetanus jab - check, still up to date.

Ok, it's do or die...just do it.

So I opened the cage door, put the harness and leash on Ginger and took him out.

I then massaged him a bit, played with him, and without any warning, I lifted his chin, opened his jaw, and in went the pill. Closed his mouth real quick and before I knew it, his tongue came out (which means he has swallowed it...applies in general to most cats except my titans).

That's it?

So easy???

I must be I quickly pinched myself.

No, it was real. Ginger had swallowed the pill without any fuss and with no casualty (meaning me)!

So NOW I know why most people don't understand when I say it's so difficult to pill my own cats. It is actually SO easy-peasy to pill a cat?

I quickly plonked a ball of wetfood into his mouth as dry-pilling is not advisable.

And then we sat, Ginger and me, after our pilling session, basking in our glory.

 I cleaned Ginger's new wound, applied some iodine on it, and put him back into the cage.

 We gave him a brand new mat too since he's going to be caged up for another 7 days now.

 Rosie already has her very own private mat.

 Hey, that's mine!

No! You're not taking my mat away!! 

 It's mine!!

 All mine!

 Ginger too was so happy with his new mat. He started grooming himself on it.

 Meanwhile, Rosie went into her sentry post.


 She's very much at home now.

 And here she is, helping to supervise the mixing of the food.

 And a reward for all her hard work. Brother Ginger gets a share too!

For the benefit of new readers and those in need of a good laugh:


Yen Ling said...

I BELIEVE you. Been there got cursed, scratched and nearly killed by my late cat. Scars all over (even chin area) as a reminder - Never, pill me again. ;p

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Yen Ling. Pole and Cleo still have a death warrant out for whoever tries to pill them. The other day, I managed to plonk the wetfood coated dewormer into Pole. She ate up the wetfood and spat out the whole pill, intact. It flew out like an arrow. With Cleo, I'm lucky I'm still alive today.

Yen Ling said...

I 'marinate' the pill over night with wet food. This is served as the first meal of the day - usually, it is all eaten up, including the pill (soggy). Hypothesis : 1st meal = hungry = will eat all up. It worked. You can try this next time. The main factor is overnight pill marination + 1st meal of the day. Couple of hours or a wrap doesn't work. Good luck!

chankahyein said...

Have tried and failed miserably with Pole and Cleo. The two would rather starve. Thanks!