Monday, December 17, 2012

Ginger Day 7....another one more week....*sigh*

Last night, I noticed another wound on Ginger's underside.

 Now, how did I miss this the other day?

(This photo was taken after application of iodine on it)

 I had been rubbing the Diatomaceous Earth on his fur but I did not notice this wound on his underside.

 The flesh around it was hard.

 Could this be a new wound inflicted on the Thursday that he had escaped for 4-5 hours?

We'll never know. Luckily he had been on antibiotics since Monday.



I know how to use the harness now - it has to be quite tight and the buckle must be on top.
And, do not blink an eye. Full vigilance.

 Time for his supposed last antibiotic jab and I showed the vet the new wound.

The vet said it's a bite wound and yes, it's infected. The reason the flesh around it is hard is because there's a lot of fatty tissue on his belly. Once the toxins have gone into the fatty tissue, it takes a much longer time to heal because it is harder for the antibiotics to penetrate the fat. I asked if surgery is necessary and the vet did not think so. He says to continue with twice-daily oral antibiotics for one more week. If the wound heals like the paw wound, it would be okay. If not, we will then take the next step.

The consolation is, the paw wound is healed. Totally. If not for this newly discovered wound, Ginger would not even need today's jab. Anyway, instead of a jab, the vet gave him a Clavomox tablet. This antibiotic (which is the same as the jabs) is the most effective for soft tissue infections. It covers a broad spectrum.

 Sorry, Ginger. We'll have to confine you for another week.

Plan B to catch the Quack has to take place.

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Joy E. Saga said...

It isn't so hard, but sometimes it would be easier to have 2 persons to pill a difficult cat. Based on my experience, maybe, 1 in 10 cats are difficult? The remaining 9 are easy ... so all the best pilling ginger :-)