Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why is Mr G so protective of Daffodil?? (Day 2 stories)

 Who goes there??

 Our gallant gentleman has been guarding Daffodil since she came back from the vet, and occasionally, the gallant gentleman comes into the house and tries his luck at the grille.

My husband had a hypothesis; it's something that daffy ol' me never even thought of: Could Mr G be Ginger's father (hence, they are so pally) and if so, this would explain why Mr G is so protective of Daffodil!

 Daffodil, are you and Mr G related?

 The hypothesis seems quite probable, doesn't it?

 Rosie, is Mr G your daddy?

 Er, sir...? This place is kind of out of bounds for you, sir, if you don't mind.

 I do what I have to do. 

 Flank spaying - on the side.

The advantage is, the cat can lie in the normal way without irritating the surgical wound.

The disadvantage is, this surgery cuts through 3 layers of muscle.

The custodians of Daffodil. Isn't she lucky?

 Monge dinner for everyone.

 Mr G came late so he had kibbles instead.

 Looks like someone intends to stay.

 Mr G: *Hiss*...go away and stop taking my photo. 

Yes sir, yes sir...

Mukda and Francis came over this morning to visit Daffodil. Mukda was especially concerned about Daffodil and suggested that I release her as she's worried Daffodil might be stressed in a strange environment. But I'd prefer to wait a bit until I'm sure the wound is okay. Moreover, Daffodil is eating so I doubt she's very stressed. In fact, she polishes up all the food. She also urinated, but so far, there is no defecation.


Chen said...

Awwww ... sweet!

Wong Yoke Mei said...

As long as the environment is peaceful, cats are ok. I agree that it's better to release Daffodil at least after 10 days in confinement for strays. That's what my vet normally advise me. Sometimes the wound will only show infection after a few days of the surgery. 10 days is a good frame.....

Joy E. Saga said...

Just hang in there. 10 days isn't so bad. Imagine if the wound got infected just because you relented and released her earlier than required. She'll be fine!

chankahyein said...

My vet advised 3 days, actually.