Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daffodil goes free...and comes back!

The day started with breakfast for everyone. Everyone had Natural Balance topped with raw meat. Well, everyone except...

...the blood-drinking cat. Today was his liver day (restricted to once a week now due to pseudo-Vampire behaviour).

Slurp, slurp....heh heh.

 Daffodil had a feast today - Natural Balance and raw meat topped with wheatgrass (like that the inside brood had).

Her faeces was good this morning.

 I'm watching your every move...

 Rosie and Ginger came from the pavilion and they were served some kibbles.

 Ginger is not greedy.

I've had enough at the pavilion, so I'll just sit.

 I left the cage door open for Daffodil to come out.

 I'm still watching...

 Daffodil had a second helping of kibbles, which she polished off.

Then, I knew she was afraid to come out because I was still at the patio, so I went into the house.

The next time I looked, the cage was empty already.

 Here she is...looking for a way out.

 I know you want to go "home", Daffodil.

Bye and take care, but feel free to drop in anytime.

Mukda had told me that Daffodil has a "home" at one of the neighbour's house. It's more of a resting place as she is not anyone's pet.

 Rosie and Ginger watched as their mom scurried away.

 We are watching too...

 The inside brood received news of Daffodil's departure.

 Where's my mummy?

Your mummy is just down the road, Rosie. Please don't worry.

 Rosie kept coming to the cage to look for Daffodil.

 I know what's happening...I'm watching everything.

I met Mukda today and told her that Daffodil is already released and I asked Mukda how long she had been feeding Daffodil so that we could gauge her age. Mukda said when she first moved in here 10 years ago, Daffodil was a kitten. They had been feeding her ever since so with all the litters she has had, Daffodil is more of a "grandma cat" now.

Oh wow...more than 10 years? And Mukda said they had never been able to catch her for spaying because she was so elusive and also she would either be pregnant or is nursing.

Daffodil is more than 10 years old!! Well, well...she still looks good.

 All afternoon, Rosie and Ginger sat by the drain.

 Ginger came to look for her mum as well.

I too went out to look, but could not find Daffodil until...

We went out for dinner and as we were driving back, we saw Rosie and Ginger outside the gate. Then I looked, and there was Daffodil!! She had come back and was at the neighbour's drain.

So after we parked the car, I left the gate open and...

Daffodil came to our gate!!

 She was still a little scared, so I put some food out. Rosie went towards her mum.

  They shared the food.

 I know Daffodil can really eat, so I put the second bowl inside the porch.

 And she came in!

 Am so glad Daffodil came back.

I hope with time, all three will stay in our compound. There's enough space for everyone.

By the way, with Daffodil released, Mr G did not come anymore. We noticed he was down the road sleeping outside Daffodil's house.

But today, a new cat also came into our compound. I wonder who he is. He looked like a male as he was really big.

Two days ago, we also noticed another new cat. This was a strange-sounding cat because he quacked! Yes, he really quacked. Connie was here and will testify to the quacking. We call him, very simply, QUACK.   

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