Tuesday, December 4, 2012

After the alien invasion...thunder struck!

After the two major alien invasions today, everyone was dead tired...

Eh, I thought vampires don't sleep?

 Maybe feline ones do?

This is the misunderstood one?

 Yesh...we do not schleep....heh heh...

 Pole's look here reminds me of Alice Cullen, doesn't it?

But Pole is absolutely harmless.

 Yes, non-vampires sleep.

We also certify that Cleo has no vampire tendencies at all.
(But she loves raw meat!)

 Since everyone is asleep, I think I should keep watch, right? 

Then, thunder broke, and...

 ...the feline vampires were afraid.

Hide, hide!!

  Pole is under the covers.

 Tiger thought since everyone is hiding, he should hide too.

 Yes, everyone is hiding from the thunder.

 Everyone, except...

Me no afraid of nothin'....'coz me drinketh blood...heh heh...


As the clock struck twelve and everyone else was asleep...

 The feline vampires eat to recharge...(to fight the next alien invasion).

 Eat? Who needs to eat?

We don't eat....we drinketh blood...

Note the colour of the right eye. It doesn't reflect light. Why?

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