Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ginger out on a leash (as a temporary measure)

Ginger was making the most pitiful little mews so I thought I should let him walk around a bit.

 Bobby's harness is way too big so that won't do.

I dug my stuff and found the very first collar we bought 6 years ago. It was for one of our cats, but we never used it after we found out that cats should not be allowed to wear collars.

Since the shops are not opened yet, I decided I'd use this and try my luck.

So I put the green collar on Ginger and attached it to Bobby's leash. I know the collar is a bit too big and any fidgety cat would be able to wriggle its way out from it. I'd take the chance but will stay really close to Ginger.

 Hey, Ginger allowed me to carry him!

 I stayed close by, ever ready to catch him if he tried to make an escape.

 Ginger was nervous too, so he did not attempt to escape (but this is only Round One).

 I think I didn't even dare blink my eyes for even a moment for fear he'd wriggle out of the collar.

And no worries, folks, I know this is not ideal and that cats are not supposed to be out of a leash with a collar as their necks can break easily should they pull. This is just a contingency measure to let Ginger out to stretch a bit and hopefully, to urinate and defecate.

Ginger did not pull, but he also did not urinate or defecate. But he did stretch and that was good. He limped a little at first, but soon, was able to walk normally.

 Not wanting to take any chances, our little walk only lasted a few minutes. Mr Quack was in the porch under my car, but when he saw us, he nonchalantly walked out.

A quick massage for Ginger, more povidone iodine on his wound, and...

 And it's back to tearing newspapers until the next walk, or until I buy a cat harness, whichever comes first.


Joy E. Saga said...

I do have a cat leash. If you want, i can mail it to you tomorrow by poslaju, but it will only reach on Thursday. Let me know.

chankahyein said...

Hi Joy, I just bought one! Thanks very much.