Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ginger's night walk...with Daffodil

Before retiring for the night, I thought I should let Ginger out for awhile.

Daffodil was nearby, but at a safe distance.

 It's really sweet how Daffodil wants to be with Ginger and vice versa. She's always nearby, but not too near. She's not so afraid now and this is a safe and comfortable distance for her.

 Ginger was limping again, but maybe it's due to not walking or stretching while he was in the cage.

 He's still not used to being leash, so he prefers to just sit.

After I put Ginger back into the cage (after applying Dermacyn and iodine) and I went into the house, Daffodil came to the cage.

Tomorrow will be Ginger's 2nd antibiotic jab at the vet's.

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