Monday, December 24, 2012

Guess who came for dinner?

This evening, after Ginger and Rosie had their dinner at 5pm, they brought Daffodil over at 8pm. This time I almost succeeded in catching Daffodil (to nurse her wound) by pulling the bowl closer and closer towards the cage. But I tell you, she is extremely smart and cautious.

I've got three long scratches on my arm you can guess what happened and now, I think I've sort of lost her trust.

Anyway, when she was near enough, I managed to dab iodine on the wound so all is not lost, but the trust built up over the last few days has gone down the drain now and I need to start from scratch again tomorrow. By then, I hope her wound would have healed.

The "trick" I used was to pull the bowl closer and closer until she is IN FRONT of me and on my left so that I can dab the iodine from BEHIND.  I managed to do that, but I still could not catch her. Well, I did, for a few seconds, but she struggled lose. I am certain...this petite cat is stronger than me.

The consolation is, the wound did not look life-threatening to me.

But after the big fiasco with Daffodil, guess who came for dinner?

Yes, the noisy one...


He is a brave, I can see.  Not as timid as I had thought.

He came towards the patio and announced his arrival for all to hear and take note of.

Of course I heard the commotion so I went out to check and there he was!

I brought out some food to the front and went back to towards the house so that he could eat. He is still afraid to come too close...

We peeked from the window...


 Yes, Ginger and me!

I had to carry Ginger in as Ginger was about to threaten Timmy.

 Shhh, Ginger...let Timmy eat, okay? We hide here and peek at him.

After awhile I went back to my room, but soon...

There was another commotion at the patio.

 Daffodil had come back to drink water and...

 Timmy too had come right into the patio.

This was WAY out of line for Ginger so he gave chase.

 This is MY territory, it's for me, my sister and my mummy, you...go away!

And Ginger chased poor Timmy all the way out to the road.

I could only watch....

It was just a chase and there was no fight.

Hmm...a difficult problem to solve...

 Why don't you unleash me?

Let me settle ze problem for you, Zorro, ze masked hero, ze new BOSS of ze clan! 

Don Diego Indy (a.k.a. Zorro), caballero at your service!


Joy E. Saga said...

And who says Ginger is non-alpha :-)

chankahyein said...

Maybe "alpha-ness" is a learnt trait?