Thursday, December 20, 2012

A peaceful afternoon in my Quackless neighbourhood

It seemed strange...without the Quack.

It's just too quiet.

But no, I'm NOT complaining, of course.

Rosie has taken back her favourite table...look at her sleep. If that doesn't spell "peace", tell me, what does?

 Ginger came back for teatime.

 Hi Ginger, come on down. I shook the Halo bottle, and he came down via the ledge and garbage compartment.

 Yum, yum...I fed him his medicine and they had an early dinner.

 You'll be getting dinner soon, Indy.

 The brother and sister seemed very contented.

 What would you give for this?

Anything, right?

Soon, the vet called. "Your cat is ready for collection", he said.

Next: The Return of the Quack.

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