Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red Alert!! Alien invasion!!

It was everyone on standby for a possible premature Mayan-calendar-ending red alert today at Bunny's Place!

It started with a lot of snarling at the pantry and this famous scene below...

 The waiting-for-the-mothership lookout.

Hello, everyone...My name is Ginger. 

 Oh no...it's the Vampire look again!!

Er...may I come down and play?  

 Cleo knows what is going on, but Tiger looks a little lost.

Tiger: Am I supposed to do something? 

And since the snarling ones could not get Ginger, they started a fight between themselves!


Later, the second invasion took place...

 Rosie came inside the house for dinner!!

 And lounged right infront of the entrance to Bunny's Place!!

Yups, it's Rosie alright. In the classic duck-hen pose too.

Tabs went berserk...yes, vampire style.

In fact, Tabs had been zipping out of the room a few times every day. She is so fast, you don't even know she has zipped out. Then, suddenly, you find her outside in the garden, chasing Rosie!

Zip, zip, zip...like what you see in Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (so I was told, and no, I did not watch the movie).

 Tiger stops Tabs from behaving like a total ........

Good boy, Tiger!!

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