Thursday, December 13, 2012

When it rains...

It's raining cats and dogs now. It must be the monsoon season (or one of those inter-monsoon phenomena, my geography fails me, unfortunately), but it's been raining heavily almost every day.

And during the rain, the community cats are never around. Even Rosie is not around. I suspect there is a feline rain shelter somewhere because after the rain, they will come back, clean and totally dry.

Even Raven went missing (remember?) when it rained and she came back an hour later, totally dry. And no, she did not "do anything" while she was out because she's fit and healthy (and not pregnant) at DT's and will soon be spayed.

A quick check on Ginger - yes, he is still here. No Houdini-styled escape, thank goodness.

After all the shredding and tearing of the newspapers, he had settled down in the litter-box. I'm not worried now because he had already urinated and defecated this morning and it was nice faeces this time.

I'm still a little freaked out after this morning's grand escape, so I did a quick check on my cats.

 Bunny - check!

Pole - check!

 Tiger and Cleo - check!

 Tabs - check!

Cow - check!

Everyone is a little scared of the rain and thunder and I certainly don't blame them.

 What rain? What thunder? 

We think Indy is not afraid, probably because he cannot hear too well. He was rescued from the drain (at around 1 month old) with severe ear, eye and bladder infection.

Hear no evil, see no evil? Ignorance is bliss.

Animals do not complain; they accept and adjust. Smart beings, aren't they?

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