Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feeding Timmy

Ever since Ginger chased Timmy out of my house compound two days in a row, poor little Timmy has not dared to come back.

So, he just wanders around the playground (which isn't so bad because it's a big playground and there is no other cat there after the breakfast group disperses from the pavilion) and goes from blue dustbin to blue dustbin.

But whenever he sees me, he will "call", even from afar.

 So, we have a system now where I have a permanent plastic bowl at his No.1 Blue Dustbin (his main residence).

 I pour food into the bowl, I walk away, and Timmy comes to eat.

 But yesterday, Rosie found out I was feeding Timmy, so she came running from the patio in my house to the playground.

 Rosie was going to intimidate Timmy, but I managed to hold her back.

 And make her follow me on the red-brick road.

 Second round for Timmy.

 Ginger watches from the gate....and Daffodil is by the culvert.

 Meanwhile, Rosie's family has taken up permanent residence at the patio now.

Yesterday, I managed to dab iodine twice on Daffodil's wound. It's much better now.

 And someone vomited out some hairball, so they are on hairball treatment for a few days.

I find this very effective for hairball....while wating for my next batch of wheatgrass to be harvested!


Joy E. Saga said...

What is 'this' that is effective for hairball?

chankahyein said...

Hill's Science Hairball kibbles! But wheatgrass works too (I just ran out!).