Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Quack resurfaces...and terrorises

No sooner than I had finished writing the previous post than I heard the sound of catfight in the porch. I quickly rushed out and it was the Quack! He was trying to attack Rosie.

Oh no...I grabbed the house keys and opened the door. But the Quack is much, much faster. Before you know it, he had chased Rosie out.

I ran out to the road and spotted the Quack five houses away at the bend of the road. My goodness, he is SO fast. I called for Rosie.

After awhile, I heard the sound of heavy panting. It was Rosie and she was hiding inside the drain outside my house. Very slowly, I called her and coaxed her to come out. Rosie was clearly shaken and was still panting from fright.

I knew Rosie was very afraid, so I didn't rush her. I just stood next to the drain to make sure the Quack wouldn't come back for her. The poor girl soon came out, near enough, for me to catch. And I brought her back into the house.

Determined to trap the Quack this time, I locked Rosie in my daughter's room and set the trap.

 Come if you dare, Quack.

But as luck would have it, it started to rain.


And Rosie was getting very stressed out and restless in my daughter's room, so I had to free her.

 Rosie came downstairs.

Then, about two hours later, the Quack came again...

 I think he came with Daffodil this time. He ran off when he saw me, but Daffodil stayed at a distance.

She was hungry. She comes for dinner every night and is usually very hungry.

 Rosie protecting her mum.

But Rosie, The Quack doesn't attack your mummy, he attacks you. Poor Rosie.

 Rosie grooming her mum.

The thing is, Daffodil is safe. That Quack doesn't attack her.

 He's after Ginger and Rosie.

Meanwhile, I've communicated with Mr G's owner. Apparently, the Quack eats at her house. I've enlisted her help to catch the Quack. That would be Plan C.

Ever since the Quack came to our neighbourhood, I hear the sounds of catfights every night.


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BoBo Salem said...

we hope Mr Quack will be catch soon.
its not that we're not on our furryfriend side
but we know he will be in good hand

BoBo Salem
Meow Meow Family