Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ginger's 3rd antibiotic jab

After (the failed) Operasi Quack, Connie drove Ginger and me to the clinic for Ginger's 3rd (and last...yay!!) antibiotic jab.

 Ray Ray and Don Don keeping Ginger company while we waited for our turn.

The vet was pleased with the healing, but advised that one more jab would be better since there was still a wee bit of pus in the wound.

I had placed some catnip leaves in the carrier, but it did nothing to Ginger. Absolutely nothing at all.

We went home after the jab and a deworming tablet.

 Sorry, old boy....two more days, okay?

You can shred all the newspapers you want.

 Monge bribery...for both brother and sister.

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