Friday, December 21, 2012

Visiting Mr Quack

Today had been a very hectic day, but we found time to drop in to visit Mr Quack.

 He was sleeping when we went in to see him and he seemed quite at peace, what with Sheila Majid on his newspaper, he almost looked innocent.

But before our visit, I had called to enquire how he is. Apparently, he was intimidating a fellow (unsuspecting) cat who walked by to visit him. How did he intimidate that cat? He looked. Yes, he just LOOKED.

 But he was clearly quite unhappy. My husband said it was more of a bruised ego than anything else. A "mafia taikor" caught and "jailed" (and neutered), which taikor would be happy?

But when I talked with him, he seemed alright. He was calm and there was no hissing.

 Oops, I spoke too soon.

But it wasn't me who patted his back, though! It was my friend who wanted to test his reaction as he seemed unusually still, silent and stealthy.

We spent some time with him and then bade him farewell.

Cheer up, Mr Quack. At least you're safe from testicular cancers now....

Mr Quack needs this!!!
(as suggested by Connie, and I agree!)


Connie said...

Yikes! Quack need to undergo anger management therapy.

chankahyein said...

Spot on!!

Chen said...

Hello Mr. Quack! Get well soon and be nice to all, okay? You'll get more treats this way and less threats :D

cindy said...

You forgot to mention his ear :)

chankahyein said...

Dear Cindy, I did not forget to mention his ear. This " I asked the vet to notch his ear, so that’s done." was written in the previous post: where a photograph was inserted to show his notched ear (two photos above that statement). I don't see what else needs to be mentioned about a notched ear.

cindy said...

I was joking of course -- since you mentioned so many things forced upon poor Mr. Quack ... trapped and caught, imprisoned, distorted his sex lives ... but NOT a word on deliberate DISFIGUREMENT (notched ear) mentioned on this post !! :)

Yes. I read those posts on the link you mentioned. I did not miss anything.