Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daffodil visits...with Quack!

 Early this morning, I went out to look for Daffodil.

 Here she is, with Rosie at the back and who's this?

 Hey, this is QUACK!

 Yes, the quacking cat who came looking for Daffodil when she was caged after being spayed - that's him!

He's also the one who came into our porch last night.

 Of course our first assumption is that Quack would be one of Daffodil's many partners through her ten years of procreating, but wait...Quack could also be Daffodil's son, right?

And that is why he too is so protective, just as Ginger is?

 Ginger is here on top of our garbage compartment.

 As I went back into the house, Daffodil and Quack walked over.

 Well, hello there, Mr Quack.

Mukda passed by and I asked her about Quack. She said Quack goes to eat at the pavilion but cannot be caught. He is just too elusive. He is also quite "new". Maybe a migrant?

 True to Malaysian hospitality, when visitors come, food must be served.

Rosie plays host.

 Daffodil approaches with caution while I stayed far away so that she would not be afraid to eat.

 Mr Quack politely declines the offer and keeps watch while Madame Daffodil eats (her second round).

Daffodil ended up eating Quack's bowl of food as well!

Quack stayed faithfully as the bodyguard.

 I know what you did.

 After eating, Daffodil takes her leave, but stays right outside the gate.

 You're welcome here anytime, Daffodil.

 We won't be repairing this netting and might just tear it down completely. It was put up last time to prevent Bobby from accidentally stumbling out of the gate as he was already blind when we moved here.

I think it was Timmy who destroyed the netting the other day. By the way, Timmy comes in occasionally but most of the time, he stays down the road. He looks okay so I suppose he has his meals somewhere.

 Indy seems to have dedicated his life to being my feline bodyguard.

I may not have a dog anymore now, but I have Indy!

The only difference is that he does not bark and he cannot attack intruders, but as far as companionship, loyalty and gratitude are concerned, Indy doesn't lose out to any dog!

Indy "Doggy" Jones!


Connie said...

Mr Quack! It was dark the other day & couldn't see him clearly. All I heard was quack-quack, quack-quack-quack...

Chen said...

A dog that meows and a cat that quacks? Maybe we need to revise our children books!

Connie said...

My theory is Mr quack was raised by a duck just like Tarzan was raised by monkeys haha