Friday, December 21, 2012

Of peaceful post-Quack days

Ever since Quack got teleported out of this neighbourhood, peace returned and all has been well.

Once again, we have peaceful and quiet nights. No more sounds of horrific catfights at a distance.

Over at the homefront, Ginger comes home daily for his antibiotics. In fact, Rosie and Ginger are here most of the time.

What's most touching is, Ginger and Rosie bring Daffodil over for food. And when they do, one of them would come right to the grille to "call" me and when I go out, I would see Daffodil peeking at me from the patio. They want me to feed their mum. If that's not sweet, tell me, what is?

Yesterday evening: Ginger frolicking in the garden with my daughter who is back from Sabah for a week. Ginger is not very used to her yet, but yet, he's not afraid. This is a far cry from the days when he was so timid, he even ran away from me.

 His favourite spot.

Everyone loves this bench. I think they associate this bench as a "safehouse" because throughout the ten days, I'd sit with Ginger on this bench to let him watch the world go by (when he was still harnessed).

*Sniff, sniff*...this was supposed to be Bosco's bench. He never got to sit on it. I hope Bosco is smiling with us now, from Rainbow Bridge. I'd like to believe that Bosco paved the way for Raven, Rosie, Ginger, Daffodil to come into my life. Maybe, even Timmy. Timmy looks remarkably like Bosco in terms of size and markings.

 The brother-and-sister are so happy now. No more Quack, no more fear.

 You'll NEVER find any of my titans being this close to each other, unless there's thunder and they are hiding under the bench. Otherwise, it's "KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!!"

 Ahh...does this not melt your heart?

Actually, when we visited Mr Quack yesterday, I felt a bit sorry for him. Thought of bringing him back for rehab, but after that, then what? And during rehab, where are Rosie, Ginger and Daffodil going to be? And Mr G? With his presence and aura, there would be an atmosphere of negativity in the air.

No, Mr Quack needs to be relocated to a new area, my friends advised me. And these are seasoned cat caregivers with decades of experience who have seen many Mr Quacks. They don't change, they told me.

 Tiger, my only non-titan, seems to be friendly towards Ginger.

This morning, Ginger was back at 5.30am. He called me for his breakfast (and antibiotics). I have even bought Yakult, all ready for him later, after he completes his antibiotics.

 It's Natural Balance with wheatgrass today, plus raw meat.

 The Quack-inflicted paw wound has healed.

 And so has the tummy wound.

 Then, as per our routine, Ginger wants to sit at the bench to watch the birds on the grass.

 No harness, of course. He tells me what he wants to do.

Then, later, Ginger comes to call me from the room.

Tabs is not very happy...

 And as a dog would, he leads me out to the patio.

"My mummy is here, could you please give her some food too, the yummy food I had just now?" 

Now, WHO can say "no" to that, right?

 Hi, Daffodil!

This must be after breakfast at the pavilion.

 Brunch time at the patio. Or, a second course?'ve already eaten!

No more extras for you, Ginger. Too much is not good.

I'm not happy.... 

And Ginger and Rosie play around the house. Their favourite game is hide-and-seek.

And I went upstairs to the bathroom...and when I came out from it, Ginger was sitting right outside my bedroom door!

And he followed me down...

 And I see Rosie at the foot of the stairs!

So, even if the world ended today (which NASA assured us is NOT happening), I would die happy.

Wouldn't you?

Moments are all we have, folks. Make them count.

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irene said...

just lookin at those happy pics makes me all smile n calm (even tho am snowed under heaps of crap)..huhu..thanks so much for your wonderful posts Dr. :)