Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ginger's visit to the vet's

 Bye Rosie, we're off to the vet's. Will be home soon...

 The vet said Ginger's wound is healing very well. He said when I brought him in two days ago, the wound was actually on the verge of turning gangrenous as it was a very deep bite and the surrounding tissue had been badly infected. Yikes!

Ginger was given his next antibiotic jab; the vet pressed out some pus and cleaned out the wound. Ten minutes, and we were done and on our way home.

 Koo gave me a brilliant idea (see next post) of letting Ginger sit in this cardboard box so that he won't sit in the litter-box.

 But what do you a few hours after that, he had already shredded the box to bits!!

We had an evening walk and all seemed well.

After this morning's imminent Quack Attack, I did not see the Quack anymore.

Meanwhile, I've asked Francis if he could please try to catch the Quack tomorrow. If the catch is successful, I'll send him straight for neutering.

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