Friday, December 21, 2012

The search for Timmy

I was worried if Mr Quack had injured Timmy as he had Ginger, so I decided to go out to look for him. I know I won't be able to get near him, so I'll just do what I can.

Like Mr Quack, Timmy too appeared in our neighbourhood recently. In fact, the first time I saw him, he was sitting right in the middle of the road and was mewing quite pitifully.


I brought out some food for him and checked later, it was eaten.

Subsequently, he kept coming into my compound, but at that time, he was so afraid, he would run off each time he caught a glimpse of me.

He's very timid.

But he really reminds me of Bosco.

So armed with kibbles, I set off to the pavilion. But first, I went upstairs and scanned the playground first. I spotted him there, mooching around near the blue dustbin. Those are his favourite places- near the blue dustbins.

That's Timmy.

 He started moving away when he saw me, so I kept my distance and "pretended" to take a stroll.

 Timmy's safehouses.

 The No.1 safehouse.

I tailed him from a distance. My purpose is just to feed him for today. Nothing else.

No TNRM, maybe just CNRM. Timmy is so timid, he's not a threat to anyone.

  Following the leader, the leader, the leader....we're following the leader wherever he may go.
(The tune from Disney's Peter Pan)

By the way, I called him "Timmy" after Timothy Dalton (the "good guy" James Bond). I've already used Sean (Connery) for our distemper dog who is thriving now, and Roger (Moore) for the big black elderly dog we got adopted, and I don't quite like the new James Bond (sorry, whoever he is). No charisma (sorry!). Pierce Brosnan is fine (hugely charismatic), but there's the "B" and we kind of want to avoid the "B" names this year.

Sorry, I digress...let's get back to Timmy hunting...

So I left a trail of food along the Timmy Trail...

And soon, we had walked all around half of the playground and we came to Safehouse No.1. I left some kibbles at the blue dustbin as well, and...

 Timmy called me from the drain!!

Oh hello, Timmy ol' are you?

Mew, mew, mew....he said.


 So I walked very slowly towards him, and he led me across the road.


Hmm...we have quite a talker here, I see.

But he was afraid.

So I did the next best thing I could think of, I approached ever so cautiously and slowly, and left three piles of kibbles nearest to him. Then, very slowly, I crossed the road and sat...and waited.

  Timmy found the first pile!

And the second pile...

( took him some time to locate the second and third piles, but finally, he found all three and ate them all up!)

Then, he mewed again...hungry, Timmy?

So this time, I walked over and left two more piles inside the flower bed.

He ate those up too. Being able to eat would be some indication that he is well, I hope.
No Quack-inflicted injury, hopefully.

 I sat at a distance.

All eaten up, I walked back.

 And received a warm welcome from my outside brood.

Mission accomplished for the day: Fed Timmy.

Little by little is the water jug filled.

P.S. I will use a bowl only later when we have established a fixed eating point. For today, it's trail food.


Wong Yoke Mei said...

Trail of food reminds me of Hansel & Gretel.....:)

Chen said...

No resemblance to Timothy Dalton, sorry. Timmy got no dimples on his chin :p. The new Bond actor is Daniel Craig, so the next cat can be called Danny.