Thursday, December 6, 2012

A litter box of the third kind? (specially for sprayers)

 I love Feline Fresh!

Yes, me the human, loves Feline Fresh...for the cats, of course.

 But my cats took almost a month to adapt to the new litter.

And having three boxes made no difference, I've noticed.

 Some of them prefer a more natural "toilet".

This patch used to be a favourite until I discarded the used World's Best on it, and they have never set foot in this patch every since. I thought it would fertilise the soil, but something very scary grew out of it - some white feathery fungus-like mold that looked extremely intimidating. I would need to replenish fresh (real) soil on this patch to make it toilet-friendly again.

That patch of soil in the right corner was also a hot favourite toilet spot until I discarded the rest of the used World's Best onto it and the same frightening fungus-like plant organism grew from it. The brood avoided it like the plague. So, instead of this patch, now, the brood defecates right in front of these chairs. That's fine, because I just need to scoop the fecal matter up and throw it into the drain which goes directly into our sewage. This would be the Clubhouse toilet.

Note: When we renovated this house before moving in, we directed all drains to lead to the sewage tank.

 The black plastic tray is a hot favourite for the sprayers. It also doubles up as a shield for the poor grille and door. The grille has already rusted and it hasn't even been a year yet. Just goes to show how corrosive feline urine can be.

And finally, a most ingenius litter box of the third kind...



Yes, this. It started off as just standing up the litter box after washing, but the sprayers loved it because they could now spray directly into the standing box. And what's good for me is that the urine is collected inside the box and I would only have to wash the box and not the whole floor or the wall. And I don't have to use cat litter too.

Yes, it's a litter box of the third kind....specially for those who spray!


Ngan Tengyuen said...

I have 4 cats, and it has come to a point where 1 pack of Purina soil last for 3 days, and it stinks. Now I've switched to the hamster sawdust, surprisingly it is less smelly, cheaper and lighter too.

I pour 1 layer of purina soil, and then fill it with the sawdust. The purina soil will absorb the urine.

in said...

Its better to flush the poo in the toilet as it leads to our sewage system and will be treated. If its' thrown down the drain, it leads to our rivers and ocean. Because it is untreated, it causes contamination and pollution and affects the river/marine ecosystem.

chankahyein said...

Dear In, As explained in the blogpost, the drains in our house have been constructed to lead only to the sewage system. We had renovations done before moving in. Thank you for your information.