Monday, December 10, 2012

Ginger is injured...but is incredibly smart

Early this morning, Francis and Mukda informed us that Ginger had been injured.

I rushed out to see and Ginger was around, but was limping. There was no bleeding and it did not look life-threatening. Francis didn't think a visit to the vet was necessary as he said he had seen many such cases that recover on its own after a few days.

But I was keen to have a vet examined him so Francis managed to catch him and brought him into my house compound, but the moment he saw the carrier, he fled to the garbage compartment. He was still limping but was able to run. We noticed a small wound on his left hind paw. Maybe that was the cause of the limping.

I also recall hearing the sound of catfight last night. Maybe there was a fight between Ginger and another cat.

Then, we had the TTDI event and I couldn't be around. But I managed to get my friend, Cathy, to be on standby should Ginger come around again and a vet's visit was necessary. In any case, we could not catch him at all.

After the event and upon coming home, Rosie was around but Ginger was no where in sight.

I could only hope that Ginger was alright.

About half an hour ago, I went out to look for Ginger again. He was no where to be seen so I came back to the house and something made me walk to the patio.

As I looked into the cage (which luckily we had not dismantled yet, after Daffodil had been released), I saw a cat inside!

I looked...and it was Ginger!

What a smart cat...Ginger was in the cage all by himself with the door wide open.

I quickly gave him some food and closed the door gently.

 Ginger didn't want any kibbles, so I brought wetfood for him.

By then, Rosie had also come by.

 So while Ginger ate wetfood, Rosie had kibbles.


He almost ate up a whole can!

 I made a little house for Rosie beside Ginger's cage so that she could keep her brother company.

And I caught a glimpse at Ginger's paw - it was swollen. And Ginger actually allowed me to pat him so that's good. Tomorrow,  I'll take him to the vet, if I can get him into a carrier, that is.

No sooner than I had come into the house than a loud catfight noise was heard.

Oh was Mr Quack! He was threatening Ginger.

The water-gun.....quick!!

 Yes, this is a new water-gun.

We water-shot Mr Quack away.

And Rosie was so terrified, she came inside the house.

Poor Ginger was so afraid too. He spilled the water from his bowl and everything inside the cage was topsy-turvy.

 Just then, we heard Indy picking a fight with someone.

Oh dear...what's happening? A chain reaction? The copycat syndrome?

Stop it, Indy. There's no reason to fight.

 I didn't do anything. I'm completely innocent and I'm just sitting here like a good girl.

Now, Rosie is still in the house and she is sitting right next to Ginger's cage.

Mr Quack....the culprit?

The story continues...

Half an hour later....

Someone came a-visiting....


Two Rosies? No, one Rosie (at the back) and Mummy-Daffodil (in front)!

 Daffodil came to visit Ginger?

I suppose they identify the cage as a "hospital" of sorts.

 Anyway, Daffodil must be hungry so I put out some food.

She approached with caution....but Rosie took the lead.

Er...Rosie, this would be your third dinner for tonight, you know - first by yourself, then with Ginger and now with mummy.

 Daffodil eats. This whole family can REALLY eat!

Ginger seems okay.

Fifteen minutes later, I went to check on Ginger and I heard mewing sounds.

 It's Mr G!

He's keeping watch and so is Daffodil, from a short distance.

Looks like the family is united in times of trouble.

 And I'm watching...


cindy said...

And they will keep eating until one day they realized 'food' would keep appearing from the conveyer belt. My Pinky used to eat 3,4 helpings and would still pinched from others. Took him 5 years or more before he stopped eating like a stray. And took him 4 years before he would trust and come sit on my lap. Some of them are so traumatized by life from the moment they were born.

I always compared the hungry behaviour of strayed cats (or dogs) as to the children from the orphanage of the musical Oliver. Remembered their hungry eyes? So sweet, so innocent, yet so hungry.

Chen said...

A fascinating glimpse into the social life of free-roaming cats.

Chen said...

Are these night pictures taken with the Casio camera? Looks good!

chankahyein said...

Yups, that's the only camera I have now, and I only know how to use "Flash Off" and "Flash On"...ha ha. An ignoramus in every way!

mas said...

smart ginger. reminds me of Super. she'll go into the cage on her own, which means she;s not well and need me to bring her to vet :)