Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quack's reign of terror

Today, Quack must have come into our house umpteen times from the front door, through the dining room and out to the patio, stopping at Ginger's cage to terrorise him.

And I have refilled the water-gun many times to counter this reign of terror.

But the Quack is undeterred. He sleeps under my car and has claimed this place to be his terror-tory, I mean, territory.

 He's so fast, you can barely catch him on camera. That's him in the photo above.

 Daffodil has been coming to check on Ginger many times a day.

By the way, the good news is that Ginger has urinated - into the towel! Looks like he doesn't like to use the litter-box, unlike his mum, Daffodil. Daffodil, surprisingly, knew the litter-box was the toilet. Ginger uses it as his "basket".

 Ginger had a good dinner of Natural Balance and wheatgrass (laced with Vetri DMG!).

 Daffodil is still very cautious, so I leave the food out there for her.

Ginger's past-time.

 Time for a walk, Ginger!

 And we? We don't get walks??

 But Ginger is just quite happy sitting.

  Now, the strange thing about Quack is that he is on very good terms with Daffodil.

You see him there?

 Ginger is terrified of Quack. When he saw Quack outside the gate, Ginger retreated (he actually went on "reverse gear" and "reversed" all the way back into the patio).

Compared to my titan-cats, Ginger is SO easy to treat. I was able to place the cotton wool soaked with Dermacyn on his wound. He just sat with me and stayed still.

 And I applied povidone iodine too. No complaints at all from Ginger. How good is that, right?

 I'm not quite sure about the social relationships here...just how does Quack fit into the picture?

Is he a terrorist, or just a misunderstood cat? I'd rather not label him (incorrectly and unjustly) but he attacks Ginger, so we cannot have that happening again and again. He attacks Rosie and Mr G too. But he seems to play bodyguard to Daffodil.

We figured one way to keep Quack out would be to unleash Cow & Bunny. Way back in our old neighbourhood, Cow & Bunny controlled and ruled the whole road, from alley to alley. No other cat dared to come in within a radius of plus/minus 3 houses. But the strange thing was that the moment we moved out and we went back to the old house the very next day, other cats had migrated in. That was FAST!

And no, we are not going to unleash Cow & Bunny to counter the Quack attacks. It's just too risky.

 This is our misunderstood cat.

This one is unaffected by cat politics. But granted, Pole was driven out of the house by her own brothers, Cow & Bunny, when she was 1 year old and spent 5 years living as a community cat (in my old neighbourhood). Finally, now, she is home and safe. When she was a community cat, she only came back for food several times a day. She had several houses to go to (they did not drive her away) and she even made friends with a large dog in one of the houses. My point is, if we cannot even control our own cats, so what more, outside cats like Quack?

I will never forger the time Pole went missing for 5 days. We searched everywhere and could not find her. Finally, on the 5th day, she came running back home and there were tears in her eyes. She stayed home for 2 full days. Then, she forgot and started going out again. We did not have a confined place in the old house, so we could not confine the cats.

Pole, you deserve the good (and safe) life now.

 Yes, you too, Indy. Most definitely!

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Joy E. Saga said...

I couldn't help but grin when i read "UNLEASH Cow and Bunny" ... . They are like your trained attackers ... ... my Maori is like that. If I unleash him, he will attack ANY cat outside my house. But the minute they are in, he befriends them. It's SO Wierd. I cannot comprehend, but I take each day as it comes. Sometimes my next door neighbour lets her female cat outside for awhile, and she would stand outside my grill. He will start a war cry at the grill and it I didn't wire-mesh it, he would have gone and attacked her. BUT, I realised, then if I sat down, and call for him gently and sweetly while patting my lap, he will turn around, change mood, mew softly and come next to me for a pat on my lap and start to purr. Hence, stopping the antagonising mode and change his territorial behaviour. Phew!