Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Quack "returns" (the grand finale)

After consulting several very experienced cat caregivers, they told me that after seeing so many alpha-, mutant- and outer-space cats, territorial and aggressive behaviour does not change after neutering. The only thing that does change is the absence of the sexual urge. Several vets confirmed this too. Once territorial, usually still territorial.

Well, I have six titans who are neutered and spayed, so tell me about it. I totally agree.

So, you've got to detect whether an aggressive cat is being so because it is territorial or it just wants to mate. Well, the Quack was going after Ginger, who is male, and Rosie, who is a spayed female. Unless the Quack is terribly confused, I think he is territorial and not just wanting to mate.

That being the case, these friends told me that I would be foolish to release the Quack back to this neighbourhood. My husband totally concurred. He said I would be making a grave mistake if I did. Is there any guarantee the Quack would not attack Ginger again? Can you take that chance?

No, I cannot.

So I asked a friend and as luck would have it, he said I was willing to take over the Quack for rehoming. If the Quack cannot find a home, he can live on in his cat community.

Okay, I guess that's what I'd have to do, for Ginger and Rosie's sake, and goodness knows how many more he had terrorised. I know the Quack will be safe with this trusted friend.

So, I drove to the clinic to pick up the Quack.

 Hey you!

He was still a bit drowsy.

The vet was very busy, but the vet's assistant told me the Quack was SO fierce, he created havoc in the clinic. Apparently, he tried to scale the glass panel and they had to use the net.

Oh dear...I guess I should not be surprised. Anything less would have been quite "disappointing", so to speak.

I hope he did not cause any major damage to the clinic or grievous injury to the vet or his assistants.

I paid the bill and took the carrier out with the Quack inside. This time I put him in the back seat. He was still drowsy so I don't suppose he would escape and kill me, right?

I drove, slowly, at only 50-60km/h, very gentle on the bumpy road, to my friend's place.

The Quack was quiet. I played Il Volo in the car.

Italian music, Mr Quack?

 We reached my friend's place.

 A cage had been prepared and the Quack was still a wee bit drowsy.

Gosh, he looks so innocent, doesn't he?

  I asked the vet to notch his ear, so that's done.

I then said goodbye to the Quack. *Sniff, sniff*...not that we were ever close, but I think I'm going to miss the Quack and I hope he'll forgive me for relocating him without his consent.

I don't think I will ever forget him, especially the way he looks whenever he sees me feeding Daffodil and the rest. But I just cannot take that chance, Mr Quack, not when experienced cat caregivers have already warned me that neutering is not going to change the behaviour of a territorial cat. And I consider myself really lucky that this friend offered to take him. I know he will be safe.

I drove home. A little sad. It's strange how this sort of thing gets to you.

 Time to clean up everything. This is the tupperware bowl I had used for the "bait".

 That's the blue ribbon that saved the day.

 The carrier, all taped up by my husband after the Quack was caught.

 Have to disinfect the carrier properly now, to be on the safe side.

 Ginger came into the house. He even went upstairs.

 Who is that?

My brood has only seen Rosie and not Ginger so Tiger raised the alert and Bunny came to investigate.

 Ginger is still a little unsure.

I'm quite certain Rosie is his older sister. This boy is SO tame, timid and innocent. I mean, look at that face...It's no wonder that the Quack picked on him.

 Ginger, you're completely safe now.

No more Quack.

But just keep to our compound and please don't go to the neighbours.

And so ends the Chronicles of the Quack. Sorry if it's a bit of an anti-climax, but this is the real world, folks.

For entertainment, how about The Hobbit? I hear it's quite good. I'm going to watch it and maybe I can pick up a trick or two from Gandalf or Lord Alron or the elves. I hear they are smart people. We need to be quite smart to deal with highly evolved beings...from outer space.

Updates: Nope, not watching The Hobbit:

 The End


Bern said...

The Hobbit...A movie we initially was looking forward to watching...But will now give it a miss due to this

chankahyein said...

Oh dear...that's bad. Will give it a miss too.

Azi said...

I'm in tears... I am facing the same thing in my neighborhood. However, I am having difficulties to catch our 'Quack'. He is very fast and super hostile. He is not fearful of me at all. A few times whenever he saw my face, he will run up to my car and peed on my car tyre with daggering eyes fixated on me. A few occasions he even sneaked into the house and doo doo on my carpet. I have 5 neutered male and 3 spayed female. He will attack all of them. I had one spayed female literally RAN away because of this fella :( I will discuss with my vet if he has any tips to catch this fella and have him neutered. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. I am sure Quack will forgive you.

chankahyein said...

Oh dear, your "Quack" sounds much more tyrannical than my Quack. The cat-trap actually works, only I was not gutsy enough to use it. My carrier-and-ribbon method isn't as efficient because the door doesn't slam shut when you pull and you could injure yourself when you struggle to snap the door shut. I was just plain lucky, that's all. I wish you all the best, dear Azi.

Fui Chin Khoo said...

*Clap clap clap* :)

Connie said...

Dr Chan, all the cats at the playground pavillion will hormat you forever and ever for saving them from the evil Quack.

chankahyein said...


Chen said...

What would be most useful and interesting is how your friend going to handle a cat like Quack. I believe he's aggressive because he's very insecure. But from his eyes, you know he is super intelligent. And in spite of his fierceness - very adorable too. How can he be re-trained and re-adapted? Can clicker training help him build confidence and social skills? So many questions on how cats like Quack can be helped.

Kay said...

Dear Dr Chan
If you dont mind and have the time, would love to hear updates on Quack at the new place. Thank you!

CW Lee said...

** 10 Thumbs Up!! but.... Mr Quack might said, " I'll be back "