Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ginger's harness and the inside war

So the moment the shops opened, I was right there at the door, and I bought the harness! There were two types, one is just a harness and the other comes with a leash.

I thought the one with a leash would be more handy.

Being dyslexic, I had the proprietor teach me EXACTLY how it is to be used. Three times. Legs go in here, head here, this is on top, tighten, that's it.  Okay, got it.

How difficult can it be, right?

 This one.

But er...my dyslexia must have got worse over the last few months, because try as I did, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how it is to be done. I must have tried 5 times, and Ginger, I must say, was extremely patient too, until he couldn't stand it anymore having that contraption put on him in various ways (and I don't blame him one bit), he bit me.

Hmm...6 puncture wounds and yes, I asked for it.

 Luckily my friend had given me this and it's human-grade, so I applied it on myself.

It was meant for Ginger's wound.

(As usual, our disclaimer holds.)

It's back to the shop to exchange for the other harness.

 This one cannot possibly be THAT difficult, right?

I mean, how dyslexic can I be?

Yup, I got it right this time (er, the second time, that is).

Take off the green collar and...Yay! Let's go, Ginger.

 Still no urination, but never mind. Now, we can go for walks.

I think Ginger had already sprayed on my glass door, but am not sure.

 Suddenly a huge fight broke out inside at the Clubhouse.

It was Bunny attacking poor Tiger.

Luckily the fight stopped and no one was hurt.

 I figured this harness isn't fool-proof for any cat but at least it's much better than the collar with the leash. With this one, at least I can still blink. But any cat can still wriggle out of it if left unattended.

 There is still a bit of pus today on the wound. Luckily, I opted for the two-day jab treatment, so I will be bringing Ginger back tomorrow for the next jab. Meanwhile, I will apply the spray. I think I have Dermacyn too.

  All quiet in the Clubhouse later.

The fight didn't last long, and thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Yes, we witnessed the whole thing just now. 

Boys are just so silly. Look at us....ever see us fighting? 

 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

And all good things will be yours.


Nui said...

Dear Sis Chan,

Where can I get this pet care (universal treatment)?
Thank you.

chankahyein said...

Hi Sis Nui, It's already discontinued but there are a few bottles left at Subang Pet Products (03-56339585 - Amy Lim). It's nano-silver. There are also other brands available in other shops (for humans). Another brand is Trumer, I think. http://phys.org/news5536.html

Chen said...

I bet you have trouble getting "left" and "right" correct. I got it too. And sometimes when driving or trying to work out directions, "left" sometimes becomes "right" and vice versa. Drives some people bonkers!

chankahyein said...

Absolutely! Not "sometimes", all the time! And yes, it drives people up the wall.