Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What happened, Tabs??!!

This morning Timmy was brave enough to enter into our porch to ask for food.

 Timmy called for food, as usual.

He could only eat under the car where he felt safe. Surprisingly, Daffodil went under the car to accompany him.

Is Daffodil his mother? Probably so...

 Rosie did not chase Timmy.

 Even Ginger behaved himself.

We then went out to "chill" for the New Year today and when we got back....all was well outside.

Daffodil and Rosie were chilling on the table.

Nowadays, Ginger and Rosie still bring Daffodil home for meals, and when they do, one of them would come inside to call me from the grille. But sometimes, Daffodil would be the one calling for the meals! She is brave enough to come into the house now.

So, all was well outside...

But inside...something terrible must have happened because Tabs had gone berserk!

She was very distressed and kept pouncing onto me as though asking for help.

She had gone quite crazy...

There was no fur anywhere so I don't suppose a fight had broken out

Tabs wouldn't calm down, so I brought her outside to the living room. But in the living room, she was still running around wildly.

 Tabs was clearly quite upset...

 It took her an hour to finally settle down.

 Of course we don't know what had happened...if only the furniture could talk...

 Oh, mighty Bastet, feline-goddess of Egypt...what happened to Tabs while we were away?

This would unsolved mystery for all time.

But Tabs is fine now. So, all is well!

Of course we think it has something to do with this titan-cat in the foreground of this photo...


Joy E. Saga said...

You could install CCTV then you will know :)

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