Monday, October 31, 2011

The Blueys go home....and meet their new little human-sister and doggy-friend!

Andy and Emily brought the Blueys home for the weekend. Here is the full set of photos:

And here's something from Andy:

Hi Dr,
Posted some updates of Blueys first day home onto FB. Check them out.
My daughter just loves small animals. She was so excited to see the kittens. My dog smells their existence although he did not see we brought Blueys back. He was so restless and barking non stop. When we release him, he stay outside the room waiting for a chance to go in. My boy accidentally let him in while he himself trying to get in to see Blueys. Blueys got a shock of their life meeting him and Baloo hiss at him immediately( yes, Baloo has been very aggressive.). Fortunately he did not harm them ( i was there to watching), i then bring him out immediately. I think he is just being curious and didnt mean bad. ( he react the same way when he meet other dogs in the park). But i still dare not take the chance. He is also being jealous i think. 
Anyway, is a adventurous day for us trying to settle the cats and the dog.... and my over excited daughter...

That much for the time being. Take care

Hmm...a new place....

Is it safe to come out?

Hey, Mummy....the kitties are SO cute! Can they come out and play?
(This is Ashley Lew, isn't she just so cute?)
Aww....look at that, Andy and Emily packed the Blueys' stuff back home.

Fish pad, litter-box, feather, everything...

Play, Bluey kitties, play...

The Blueys' place in the house.


Though this window is so high, Emily DIY-wirenetted it with their dog's playpen wire.

The Blueys ate like nobody's business....looks like no stress at the new place.
But of course, it's home, isn't it?

After's playtime, and they created a new game with the....

....toilet roll!

Lucas, the King Charles Spaniel, waiting outside the door...

He's impatient now, and begins scratching at the tiles. 
He wants to play, too.

Little Ashley joins in....

After a fun-filled weekend adventure, it's Monday again, it's back to work at the office for the Blueys!


Su Ann said...

Actually that's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Lucas) =) King Charles Spaniels are a different, though related breed.

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m.q said...

i hope Blueys wont get Monday Blues after a full happy weekend hahaha