Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blueys Day 3 (from Andy Lew)

Detailed updates from Andy:

Hi Dr,

Sorry that I have missed your SMS as the phone was in silent mode and placed in a pouch.

Just wanted to give you a detailed of Blueys tales. They have been more playful day by day. Today they were playing catching and they were all over the room, jumping, running, hopping and both of them ran so fast that they actually knock into the glass partition. We noticed that they were quite rough when they played with each other. Emily is bit worried that one might hurt the other. Would that happen? They do this in your place too?

Baloo is getting more used to the environment and has been more dominant now. We notice she is now more daring to fight Baggy. I know they used to eat together in your place but  we didn't see this in their new home. In fact, today we gave them the canned food, Baloo didn't came to eat until we split their food into 2 portions. 

They are started to be very keen to get out of their rooms. Do you think we should let them out?   Since the office is quite big, is there any method we can retrieve them if we lost sight of them?

One more thing, before I forget, how long should we continue the DMG?

Will try to post some photos onto Facebook tomorrow. I just notice that they already have 65 fans in just 2 days. What a public figure!!


Andy Lew

I've replied with details, in response to Andy's questions and concerns.  It's really nice and heartening to know that the Blueys are so at home and Andy is really concerned about them.  

The Blueys are superfast in running even while they were at my place, and very good at playing hide-and-seek and wrestling!  They have this tremendous energy in them!  They are just very playful; I doubt they would hurt each other.  

And another thing is I think they are very intelligent, as their games have rules. 

I'm sure they would LOVE to explore the entire office (and Andy's office is huge!), but retrieving them could be quite difficult as they are so good at hiding in nooks and corners. Over at my place, even though it's a relatively small house, I sometimes take as long as half an hour to look for them once they are out in the living room. They don't come when called - they want to play hide-and-seek with me too, and they always win! 

Wearing collars with bells may be a solution, but there is the risk of them getting entangled somewhere. Some owners have reported nightmares of their cats being strangled to death because their collars got caught somewhere. I don't dare to use collars on cats, especially active ones like the Blueys.   

I gave them the Vetri DMG to boost their immune system in case they would be stressed with the change of environment, but I doubt that is happening!  It's good to continue, though. 

Best to give them separate bowls. Over at my place, they have their own bowls, but they still snatched from each other!  Then I'll have to separate them or put something in between them so that they can eat in peace (from each other!).

Bringing up kittens can be challenging but real fun too, because it's a whole new learning process. Watching them progress day by day is a very joyful experience.  

It's exactly like bringing up children.  

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Anonymous said...

Like children, you should always look out for hidden dangers that can cause freak accidents. You never know, just find them dead and liveless one fine morning. Better be safe than sorry.