Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indy goes ecstatic over his gift!

After coming back from the Kathina sales, I waited for Indy to come back.

When he did, I quickly gave him his gift....

Yes, as you can see in these photos....Indy went over the hill!

He absolutely loved it!

The Blueys had gone crazy over the plastic bag even last night. It's amazing how they could smell the catnip out even while it was inside the plastic bag!

The little ultraman bolster has catnip inside it.

Cow went high over it as well....

That's the silvervine twig...

Guess who likes them as well....

Tiger had a go at the twigs, too.

Thank you for making my day, Joy, Kat, Pedro and Yasmin!

Joy E. Saga had specially ordered these two packs of recreational catnip toys for Indy. The toys are from

The funny thing is, Indy went totally ecstatic over the toys, but Cow, Bunny, Tiger and the Blueys were just moderately excited over them. It's almost like Indy knew the toys were meant for him!


Nazirah said...

funny Indy..can see he enjoy the gift

m.q said...

Indy look sooooo into the catnip
yay for Indy :)


Joy E. Saga said...

SO glad Indy liked the gift ... was a bit worried, coz sometimes cats below and above a certain age will not react to it! (phew!)

When it's been out for awhile you can keep in an airtight container with some of the leaves to 'refresh'the pillow.

Ultraman was Bin's idea.. she made it with Indy in mind (she reads your blog too) :-)

Till then, happy catnip!

sillylupie said...

Thank you for letting me use the photos!!

Thanks to Joy too!!

Here's the link - Indy & his Ultraman :-