Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indy and the Blueys

These photos, taken yesterday when I came home from work, are priceless!

Bagheera made the first move in making friends with Indy.

They actually touched noses.  I missed that shot!
I really must get a better camera-phone. 

Are we friends now?


Cleo is also very alpha and completely anti-social. 

Nope, Cleo isn't ready to be friends yet.

So, we went out hunt for a better camera-phone. I really need that for all my AnimalCare work. And when we came back....

Oh no...Tiger has taken over Indy's car porch...sigh.

You see, that's how it works with cats. Once a vacuum has been created, another cat takes over and it is not likely the former cat will get back his space. Indy got jealous and ran away to the neighbour's when the Blueys came, and vacated his car porch space. Cleo took over the space. Now, Tiger has taken the space. how is Indy going to get it back? 

This space used to be shared by Cleo and Indy too. But Indy doesn't come back now.

I'm still hoping he would turn around and come back. The good thing now is he does come back ON HIS OWN for food. But he no longer lounges in the living room, and he also doesn't make his "Indy calls", that cute little noise that he used to make to announce his arrival.

Indy and one Bluey in the same space yesterday. 

Keeping my fingers crossed...

Come back home, Indy.


Anonymous said...

KY, every time that Indy comes home, do spend time cuddling and brushing his fur. This will slowly make him feel more comfortable and reassured of his place at home. He will then start to re-stake his claim on your house as his territory once more. Put him on your car top (his place previously) and spend time stroking him there, talking to him softly and lovingly. Keep doing it, it works for my cats every time because basically cats are possessive. Even the timid ones will soon fiercely try defend their special spots. I have seen these types of transformations again and again. I have seen my very timid cat who was so fearful of everybody as a kitten growing up she could crawl up and hide in my lap everytime I sat down and I even had to pick up her very long exposed tail on to my lap. Otherwise she would get upset with the other kittens playing with her long tail which dropped down from my lap. I watched with amazement watching her transform from the most timid, scary kitten into the most confident and self-assured cat in my household, holding her own when someone else comes near her. I now call her "Si Thau Pho"!

Try it and good luck, dear!

chankahyein said...

I do. There's just no one to take my photo when I do it. You don't know how much I do. Or, how much time I spend with him until he decides enough is enough and he leaves the house.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sorry, dear KY, and it must really break your heart, especially when you cannot do as much as your own heart desires out of consideration for others living with you. But I do hope that things will turn around soon.