Monday, October 24, 2011

The Blueys are off to their new home now...

With Uncle Bobby this morning.

They got up early this morning, so by 7am, it was time for a nap again...

I packed all their stuff.

Mr Teh texted to say he's on the way from Klang.'re going to your new home soon.

Be good and take good care of each other.

And have lots and lots of fun!

At exactly 8.30am, as promised, Mr Teh arrived at my gate.

He brought a huge carrier. He says it is better so that the Blueys won't get car-sick.
That's so thoughtful of him.

I brought the Blueys out.

Mr Teh wanted to know how to tell them apart.
The one with the hooked beaver-like tail is Baloo. Bagheera has a longer tail.

Apparently, just a side story, before I forget, Winnie Low, their rescuer, told me on Saturday she just spotted a third kitten and this one is as big as the Blueys now. The mother-cat is with this third kitten (probably the strongest one). The mother neglected the Blueys and only took care of this one kitten. Winnie said this kitten also looks like the Blueys but has a bit more colour. Must be their eldest sister or brother? A cat litter is usually at least three, I think.  

Saying goodbye and thank you to Uncle Bobby.

Thank you for looking after us, Uncle Bobby.

Mr Teh was in tears at this juncture and said whenever he fosters the Blueys on weekends, he will stop by and let them visit Uncle Bobby. He said I could have them for weekends too. We'll see how it goes. Maybe after I move to my new place with a proper cat-space, they can visit. But I'll want what is best for them without causing them undue stress. Maybe it's better that I visit them instead. Best they stay in a secure environment. 

You got to go now, Blueys. 

Bunny was, as always, curious.

I place their blanket inside their carrier.

Bunny checking to make sure I had packed everything.

Mr Teh with Bobby.

Okay, time to go....

Mr Teh showing us all the cat-stuff he had bought for the Blueys. There are feeding bowls, a big cat-tree, balls, toys, pine litter. 

That's the pine litter.

That's the cat-tree.

Bunny saying bye.

Cow, too.

Have a safe trip!

I looked in through the window, and both the Blueys were right there, saying bye.

Bobby came out too. He may be blind, but I'll bet he knows what is going on. He's a wise old man.

It's back to me and you, Ol' Bobs.

You have Cow, Bobby. 
Cow will look after you again.

Cow never fails to cheer me up when I'm feeling sad.

And this time, Tiger, too.

Your pets will always be your best friends, because they may not know things cognitively as we humans do, but they know it instinctively. And in some ways, this is the truest of the truth because it is not verbalised. It is what's in your heart. They have a sixth sense and they can sense it. They understand. 

Mr Teh promised he'd help take real good care of the Blueys. He said the only other time he gave that promise is when he married his wife! Isn't that so reassuring? I am very, very grateful. 

I'm sure Andy and all his office friends will also take really good care of the Blueys. How do I know? Shall I say....instinctively? 

Thank you, everyone, for having shared my 48-day journey with the Blueys. Thank you for your moral support and valuable comments and encouragement. 

We'll wait for photo updates from Mr Teh and Andy.

Meanwhile, life goes on....we have 4 cats for spay-neuter at our panel vets today. I have tshirts to deliver, books to post, Deepavali gifts to buy. Ming-Yi's back in Selayang Hospital for the week (which is, coincidentally, just 10 minutes from Andy's office and Mr Teh says she can visit anytime), Jia-Wen's on his way to Toulouse, France, to bring back an aircraft (he's a test co-pilot - they check the aircraft to make sure it's safe, then they fly it back), so the house is going to be quiet again. 

Good to have some quiet time now...and hopefully, Indy comes back....He's at his sentry post now, still guarding the books.  

I have to go to work now.

More later....


SuMick said...


You are such an amazing person ... amazing kind person.

I must say : When my kittens were adopted by my friends I cried big time and couldn't sleep at night, keep waking up and thinking about the babies.

It is hard to be apart as they are our babies.

Kind Regards,
Sumi Logan & Mickey Logan
United Kingdom

Lim said...

I'm glad that Baloo and Bagheera finally find their forever home.They are real sweetheart I'm sure their owner will dots on them.

Anonymous said...

awww...i feel sad... my tears almost drip.. but i know bluey will have fun in their new house. take care, bluey. we'll miss you~ :')

m.q said...

The Blueys will have a great new adventure for sure!!!


Anonymous said...

Tears rolling in my eyes again, we'll definitely miss u, Baloo & Baggy...take good care..

Andy Lew said...

Hey, Blueys is just heading to another home for a new start and everyone will still be able to see them here. They have started playing in their new home office, ( shall i call it soho in the future?) manage to snap some photos and will be sending to Dr soon. Cheer up everyone.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Blueysss!!!!
Will miss their antics.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Mr Teh, bless you Andy, bless you Dr Chan and not forgetting Winnie, bless you too. Because of you guys these two kittens are safe and will have a chance for a happy life now. God bless your kind hearts!

Linda Suhaili

Dawn Tan said...

My eyes were also tearing up when I saw the pic of Blueys saying bye-bye to Unc Bobby. But it's comforting to know that Blueys have found a new loving home.
God bless you and Unc Bobby's kind hearts!

Ms.fida said...

Big smile n happy for baby blueys :D!

Yanna said...

Every one of your posts on the Blueys exudes your love, warmth and kindness towards them. Thank you for sharing your journey with them on this blog with us readers, it has been a joy to read each update.

Their new home sounds amazing and the new owners seem like equally amazing and compassionate people. I know I'll be waiting eagerly for you to post the first pictures of the Blueys in their new home. :)

Like you said, life goes on and we learn from sadness as well as joy. Best of wishes to both you and the Blueys. :)

Anonymous said...

Bye, bye, blueys. Hope both of you will have wonderful life ahead with love from the people around you.

Susleen said...

hmmmm this is one thing I can never do, I tend to get attach to all my rescued cats, as such I can never pratice rehome, it will break my heart into pieces to give them away, I don't do fostering either because of this~ Therefore my have to limit my rescue mission cause they all end up being my indoor house pets. Even my first batch of neuter release is not gonna be released. His gonna be my home pet. Good work Dr. Chan, you are a strong loving lady~

Anonymous said...

the blueys are so fortunate to have all you wonderful people caring for them. God bless all of you for your kind deeds!

Connie said...

I cried but same time happy for the blueys

Joy E. Saga said...

Thanks so much Andy! Angels come when they are much needed. .. looking forward for wonderful stories from you!

Erica said...

Is a sad day yet is a joyful day! I know how you feeling Dr. Chan, may all the blessing goes to everyone & the blueys!