Monday, October 24, 2011

Midnight games for the Blueys

The Blueys love MESS. Andy Lew might have to mess up his office a bit, or least the cat-room, because the Blueys love little nooks and corners, cardboard boxes, and anything that can be part of a new game.

They love ribbons, too.

That's a round of hide-and-seek. 

They have lost their ball and the feather by now...but all they actually need are simple toys that stimulate them into creating games to play.

In the last one week, they have become less dependent on Uncle Bobby, preferring to lie on their fishpad instead of Uncle Bobby. That's good...because I'm giving their fishpad to them.

Good ol' Bobby. He has looked after SO many kittens in the last five years.

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Dawn Tan said...

Bobby is really an angel! To love and care for so many kittens! He's really one beautiful dog, in and out :)