Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On the homefront

I thought I'd be able to spend a quiet day at home and start packing for the big move, but the 5-kitten case got me out of the house. And, while I was at PAWS, I met a really techno-savvy guy who explained why I was having so much problems with my new smartphone (yes, I took THIS long to change over to a smartphone thinking I could have a better phone-camera compared to my trusty Nokia from the dinosaur era, and thinking I could have mobile network and receive emails on the go). The verdict is, there is something terribly wrong with my new smartphone. 

No, it's not me. It's the phone.  

So, I called the service centre and asked for a refund. I've gone back to the shop SIX times prior to this to get the phone fixed but each time, something else would crop up. That is why people have been receiving 3-10 of the same sms from me over the last few days. This "smart"phone cannot even send out smses properly....gosh, how smart is that??? And it cannot sync with my college wifi...now, what good is that? 

So, I've had it with so-called "smart"phones. I told the customer care manager politely that there is this thing called a 14-day cooling-off period for anything that we purchase, and I'd like a refund, please. I hope I get it, and it'll be back to my trusty of dinosaur Nokia.

Well, now, how are things on the homefront?

Would you believe it? Indy is coming back to being Indy again. He comes back more often AND he has started talking again. Yes, he is back to announcing his arrival each time he comes back. He lounges in the living room, too, but he still goes away to the neighbour's. That would take time to change.

After dinner.

Bobby eating alone this morning.

Tiger is back with me in the room.

Indy still guarding the books.

And while I was at PAWS, we started chatting about things, and the subject of relocating cats came up. My friend at PAWS told me that cats have this uncanny inbuilt GPS in them in that they can travel miles just to return to their homeground. 

We all have heard stories about cats travelling distances to get back home, right?

I'm worried about my cats escaping and trying to get back to my old house after we move, so we really have to think about how to cat-proof their space, at least for a few months.  

The neighbourhood I'm moving to appears to be a much safer place for the cats even IF they want to roam. It is of lower density and would have less traffic. 


Connie said...

Kah Yein,

Since the telco shop can't fix your smartphone's problematic function, they should act SMART by replacing a brand new one to you.

Susleen said...

My first job before shifting will be to cat proof the house manually with wire guards. Then I will move all the familiar things to my cats to the new home first. So when my cats arrives they feel a little safe knowing familiar things still around. If you have difficulty to do it for the whole house try just to spare a room first to be fully pet proof.

I moved to a new place early this year. It took me 3 trips to move all my 15 cats to the new place. I took the easier ones first the one that makes less fuss. The difficult ones very last. All settled in well without panic after 3 hours. First few hours they were meowing, because of the new environment. But all the familiar things helped them to calm down a bit. First thing I did also was to feed them. Just to tell them this is gonna be the new home.All food & water bowls were also same.
The next 24 hours was me just being with them I didn't live them all by themselves. I did the same with the stray cats that I was feeding at my old house, I took the mommy cat & her kittens to the new house and had all shelter and food at my porch just like the old place.They settled down quite well thank God, and liked the new environment. However the stray mother cat went missing with her 1 kittens 3 weeks later leaving behind her 2 more kittens, in this case I doubt she went back to the old place but could be possibly taken away by someone, or died.