Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indy's homecoming!

For the last few days, Indy had chosen a dumper on the street as his home. As you know, he's been very upset with the Blueys and I think he's also in a cold war with either Pole or someone else. So he migrated out from the house, gave up his place in the porch and lived in the neighhour's house. This has gone on for about 2-3 weeks now, and every day, I've been hunting him down to bring him back home.

Well, two days ago, he started coming home on his own, which is an occasion for celebration.  

Yay!!  Indy's back!  Indy's back, we applaud his every homecoming...and he gets whatever he wants to eat, which is usually Fussie Cat. 

He even came upstairs in the mornings to wake me up, which is back to his old routine. But poor Indy has lost his place in the porch on top of the Cleo. Once Cleo conquers a territory, it's not likely she would give it up.  

Indy eating, as usual.

A close-up of Indy.

The Blueys eating "downstairs" while Indy eats "upstairs" (on the kitchen slab). At least Indy doesn't run away when he sees them now.

Indy lounging in the living room. He hasn't done this for weeks.
The Blueys going for Uncle Bobby's food.

The breakfast scene.

Haven't they grown? 

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나나 said...

omg they have grown alot! *teary eyes*