Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Fish and Duck Pose members

Joy E. Saga submitted these for membership to our Fish Pose and Duck Pose club!

I've got 3 lovely kittens and a rabbit (a gift from a friend) who creates havoc in my otherwise quiet house.  The kittens are strays which I adopted. Kat I picked up from a friends house when she gave me her rabbit Jo, Pedro I found through PetFinder, a rescued kitten and Yasmin, a stray that I rescued near my home.  I'd like to share you some of my photos of Jo (rabbit), Kat and Pedro.  I haven't got a nice shot of Yasmin yet (she can't keep still you see).

Hope this will bring a smile to everyone's faces this week :-)

Here you go:

Pic "Jo" - the fish pose (side view)
Pic "Kat and Jo" - Jo the rabbit doing her usual fish pose and Kat .... errr, I have no idea what pose that is :-)
Pic 'Kat and Pedro sleep" - Kat putting her furry paw on Pedro's  head. Both are rescued strays, 2 months gap in age but the very best of pals.
Pic "Kat sleeping" - she likes to sleep like that :-) Not sure what pose that is

 This is definitely a Fish.

 Er...we haven't got a sub-committee for this pose yet....

 Nor this...


This can qualify for the Duck.

Thanks, Joy!!


Yanna said...

The Scissors Pose, maybe? Or the X Pose? :)

Joy E. Saga said...

Perhaps the Frog pose ;p

Anonymous said...

the 3rd pic looks like a "kick and hit" pose. hehehe.

that last one is one sleepy duck!