Thursday, October 20, 2011

And the Blueys?

Here they are...

I Frontlined them both this morning....

Fuzzy, fuzzy...

They didn't quite mind being sprayed this time!

They love this fish a bed!

We left them sleeping when we went off to meet Andy Lew at his office. I did not want to bring them along as I thought they had just been Frontlined and the travelling would add to their stress.

On hindsight, we should have taken the Blueys would have been fun watching them explore the office.

The two are REALLY into climbing...everywhere!
The higher, the better.

Can you believe this?
Baloo has taken over Aunty Cleo's piano spot?!!

Nowhere, and I mean, nowhere is out of their reach now...

They are at that stage where the world just ain't big enough for us!

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