Friday, October 21, 2011

The Blueys, Indy and Bobby news!

My house is not exactly the tidiest dwelling place these days, what with our impending move and also the boxes of tshirts, books, and packages to be posted every day...

But the Blueys LOVE it!

The messier, the better it is for them!

And why is that so?

Because...we LOVE to explore, that's why!

We love things...things that make all kinds of sounds, just things..
interesting things that we can play with.

And while the Blueys are exploring every nook and corner in the house, where is Indy?

I'm here guarding the books, remember/

Yes, I slept here all night.

And this is the Blueys' latest favourite place...

They get to look out of the window and watch out for Mr Squirrel.

We're waiting for Mr Squirrel...maybe he can play with us?

This is THE sight I had been waiting for...

The King of the Porch is back....on his porch!

The Blueys have been here all afternoon. It's been raining, so I guess they need the warmth.

My friend, Amy Lim of Subang Pet Products, introduced me to a new brand of food - Instinct. 
It's grain-free.

Orijen did not quite agree with Bobby. He has been passing out loose stools. But he does look much better, though. However, the cats LOVE Bobby's Orijen!

Instinct's kibbles are very small. Since Bobby has been going for the Bluey's Baby Cat kibbles, I thought he might like Instinct....try it, Bobby.

After some coaxing, Bobby's eating it!

Indy's back for food...on his own.

Why, he is back to being KING of the Porch now, remember?

Bobby seems to like it...but that's the way Bobby is. He'll like every new food, but after a few days...well, we shall see.

Tiger's back into the room with Bobby and me. And he's chosen one of the Blueys' many baskets. Tiger seems to have a thing for baskets. The smaller, the better.

My, my....what a nap!

Indy's after-dinner nap.

Guess Indy is more confident on the porch again now.....and maybe it's because Cleo has not been monopolising it....

It's Cleo is here.

I thought I'd try the Instinct catfood on Cleo. Cleo and Pole are the fusspots in the house. They are SO fussy,  well, you won't believe how fussy they can be.

Hey, Cleo's eating the food! Now, that's really good.

Guess who also likes the new food?

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big happy family.. :-)