Monday, October 3, 2011

Blueys, Bobby, Bunny and Tiger

These pictures tell a lot. 

 They get a free run of the house and have claimed the sofa.

 A lovely little picture of peace and contentment.

 Uncle Bunny is on the next chair.

 They love the playhouse now...

 They still play in the little house.

 Uncle Bunny wants baby food!

 Bunny has sort of accepted them.

 So has Tiger...

Bunny's back on his pink box, after almost 27 days of exile, I think.

 That's Bagheera sleeping down there.

My my, aren't you sitting tall!

Now, I'm only worried about Indy.

Indy seems to be very upset with the Blueys' presence...or maybe it's a territorial fight with Pole and he lost? Well, I wouldn't know, but I'll keep bringing him back several times a day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures that speak for themselves - this IS life, HEAVEN on earth and how ALL living beings should be free to live / NOT CHAINED BY THE NECK or CONFINED TO A CAGE!! Sadhu to you and your family, Dr CKY, for sharing your space, with our 4 legged friends and other unseen living beings (including your love and care for them). If only more people could emulate this for the benefit of our lesser fortunate friends.