Monday, October 10, 2011

Bluey tales - Chapter 34: Tiger returns to the room

Yes, today is the 34th Day the Blueys have been with me. 

For the past few days, Tiger has been returning to the room, not as frequently as before (which was every day), but it's a good enough sign.

Baloo tried to make friends today, but got hissed at...poor girl.

I'll play it safe...I'm with Uncle Bobby.

Nothing beats Uncle Bobby.

They have grown so big, haven't they?  Both are about the same size now.

Playtime is really fun for them. They are very intelligent and create all kinds of games with rules. It is a joy watching them play.

Uncle Bunny also has returned to the room...but er....for a purpose.
Yes, Baby Cat is oh-so-delicious.

But on his way out, he sprays. Cow & Bunny have been on a massive spraying spree ever since the Blueys came. I don't know if my house smells, but I've been wiping and wiping every day. 

Cow & Bunny were neutered at 7 months (yes, a bit early, I wasn't so well-informed five years ago). The spraying only started AFTER they were neutered when I brought in batches of kittens to foster. I've checked with many vets and there is nothing much I can do about it as it's territorial marking. It's a personality trait. Neutering can keep the sexual urges under control and male cats would not spray for mating purposes, but neutering does not remove and in some case, reduce, the male's territorial behaviour. They will still fight to protect their territory, as Cow & Bunny do. There is always some ongoing war between my males. No casualties, of course, but there is some sort of war going on all the time. Sometimes, I lose track of who is fighting with who, let alone why! I know Cleo is always at loggerheads with Cow since a few years back, and lately, Bunny has been bullying Tiger. Cleo fought real hard for a place in the house, and she got it - the ironing board, our room and the top of the piano. No one, and I mean, no one (human or feline) can extricate her from her ironing board. 

Indy's place used to be the top of the car, but Cleo took over that when Indy ran away to the neighbour's recently. We're trying to re-establish the "top of the car" for Indy so that he would come back.       

Pole and Cleo are females but also very territorial. Can I attribute the behaviours of Cow, Bunny, Pole and Cleo to their genes?!!  They come from the same family.   

With FOUR of such alpha cats in my household, adopting another is quite out of the question, unless it's one with a character....a real strong one that can win over (or outsmart) the Alpha Foursome. Suki was the only one who could. She was a real character...truly one of a kind. She made friends with everyone and no one bullied her.  

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