Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Indy comes home on his own!

Indy came home twice today. Maybe he read my mind and knew how worried I was....

 Coming back from the neighbour's, 3 houses away.

Coming into the house all by himself.

And again...

Sitting on the immediate next-door neighbour's culvert.

 The great home-coming of Indy...

 Reward...double helpings of Fussie Cat.

Sorry Blueys, you got to stay out of Indy's sight for awhile, so they only come out when Indy is not around.

I can't risk Indy running away from home.

You see how affinity works? Tiger couldn't accept the Sunnies. Indy cannot accept the Blueys. And Tiger and Indy are the most good-natured amongst my cats! The Cow Family (Cow, Bunny, Pole, Cleo) seems to have accepted all!  And they are the big bosses in the house.  

1 comment:

Joy E. Saga said...

Hi Indy!

Thanks for coming home twice. Your mommy needs you.
Soon things will be back to normal so be patient ya. You will have a new home too.