Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bagheera makes Uncle Bobby eat!

So, Bobby's been really choosy over his food lately, refusing to eat all the foods I've bought except his stir-fried chicken and.....Royal Canin Baby Cat! Yes, he has been eating the Blueys' food. I know the protein content is too high, but a friend said that at Bobby's age, just let him eat whatever he wants, especially when we all know it's just a passing whim. He'll grow tired of it soon.

So, this morning, I tried the Orijen Fish again....and this time, it was with a little help from my friends...

Bagheera starts with the food-testing...

Bagheera says it's her turn today....so I'll just sit on this pink rug.

Bobby is not interested at all. He sits away and "watches".

This time around an old hand comes back to do his duty...good old reliable Cow.

Bobby seems a bit interested now that Cow has come.

Notice my fridge is condemned (rusted) - thanks to Cow & Bunny's spraying!

Yes, Bobby is coming near....pray, folks, pray real hard...

Come on, Bobby...a little nearer, please...

Almost there, almost there...


Bobby eats!!!


Drumm roll, everyone...bring on the band! We're celebratin'!

Yes, yes...eat up, Bobby.

Nice food...I absolutely approve.

Can I take a bow?

Yup, that's me...the one who succeeded in making Uncle Bobby eat!

Me, Bagheera...yes, me. 
It's spelt B-A-G-H-E-E-R-A, in case you want to report it.

P.S. Shh....I think Cow played a part, too, don't you?


Connie said...


Anonymous said...

glad to see Bobby is eating again! Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

Darling Bagheera, both you and Cow deserve lots of kisses and hugs for your amazing success!!! meow meow hurray...

Bern Chee said...

This posting made me smile :) Thank you. It's been a long day.

Tumbleweed said...

Dearest Dr. Chan,

I have been following your blog about the Blueys and Bobby.

Ever thought that things happened for a reason? Perhaps this is telling you that you have to keep the Blueys...:) They are indeed making Bobby happy by being there and Bobby is also like a role model for them.

It would be sad that 3 of them get separated....:(

Do change your mind and not let them be adopted.....

Yours sincerely,

chankahyein said...

Thank you for your advice. Bunny and Tiger are both FIV+. By right, I should not even foster any kitten because of this. When any kitten reaches 5-6 months of age, Cow, Bunny & Cleo would chase them out of the house. The road in front of my house is not safe at all.
I also do not live alone and have to respect the wishes of my family members who say "Please, no more."
Cow & Bunny are now on a massive spraying spree and the house smells terrible. I may need a another new coat of paint.
Indy has run away from home because of the Blueys. He is jealous. It won't be fair to Indy if I keep the Blueys. Unless Indy relents and comes back, I can't keep the Blueys and risk Indy running away forever. As it is, he is already going further away each day.
Bobby has helped me foster many kittens before - Creamie & Crackers, The Orange Family, Prince, Simba, Bandit, Bobtail, Teddy, Xiao Li, Suki, Peanut, Butter, Jelly, Rex, Fox, Honeybear, etc, many of whom have been adopted.
I may be wrong, but I think he knows how to savour and enjoy the moment and let go after that.
The bottom line is, after weighing all the consequences, I cannot cope with another two adoptees. Six is just about all I can cope with financially, physically and emotionally. It is also unfair to the Blueys as they are locked in the room when I'm out on AnimalCare work. I do not have enough time to spend with them at this growing up stage. They need a better home than mine.
Please understand. I only offered to foster because Bagheera was not drinking milk and was emaciated. I did not offer to adopt. My offer was only until the two are on kibbles, which was weeks ago.
Perhaps others can do more. I can't. I have my limiitations.

ManekiNeko said...

Hi, Violet --

The Blueys are adorable, aren't they? I also love the photographs of them napping on Bobby's fur! :-)

I think, though, given their very young age and Bobby's very advanced age, that all 3 animals will adjust beautifully to being separated. The kittens are at that phase where everything delights them, and I bet they'll just form a bond with their new adopters and their pets as soon as they arrive in their new home. And, as Dr. Chan has pointed out, Bobby has no shortage of guide cats to care for him. :-)

When I look back on earlier blog entries about the adult cats spraying and running away from home, Dr. Chan's family members objecting to more pets, and the fact that they're moving house shortly, I have to agree -- as adorable as the Blueys are, it's best for everyone if they move on to their forever home. We'll miss them here on the blog, though, won't we? :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Violet,

I am sure Dr Chan will like to adopt the 2 Blueys if she can. But she has limitations and constraints like all of us.

Already, one of her cats is constantly running away and two of her other cats are spraying all over the house as signs of protest/jealousy.

Uncle Bobby will be fine if the two Blueys are given up for adoption. If you have been following the blog, you would have noticed that Uncle Bobby has been helping Dr Chan to take care of many kittens.

I have personally adopted 2 young kittens from Dr Chan and these 2 kittens were cared by Uncle Bobby as well.

Dr Chan has so many things to take care of in AnimalCare. Let's help her to find a good home for the 2 Blueys.