Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happiness is a Ball!

I went to the petstore yesterday to buy accessories and toys for the Blueys. I know collars are not advisable, but they have been giving me a headache every day because they'd be hiding somewhere in the living room and I cannot find them before I go to work!  

I got two detachable collars, but alas, they were too big.  

I also got them a ball...

They sure had a ball!!


Anonymous said...

Super Cute!

adeline said...

collar is definitely not a good idea, especially if you have pets that are highly energetic and playful. i have 2 dogs, noodles and starbucks, who love to bite at each others collars. i made a mistake to give starbucks the belt buckled type of collar. a month ago, noodles got tangled up in starbucks' collar. i almost lost starbucks that night. the tangled collar chocked starbucks to the point that she was vomiting blood and eyes were bulging and bruised really badly. the collar was really thick and couldnt be cut with scissors or knives. fortunately for me, i managed to loosen the collar enough for noodles to slip through. lesson learn, only detachable collars that are easily taken off in case of emergencies.