Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I did this afternoon

I decided today I have to be fair to Indy. He has left home long enough, he has been feeling insecure long enough and it is about time I did something proactive before something tragic happens and I regret it for the rest of my life. 

For the uninitiated, Indy left after the Blueys came. He was jealous and still is.

So, what did I do this afternoon?

Indy was at the neighbour's house, on top of his car....again.

Thank goodness Indy still comes to me when he's called, so I got him to come, carried him back and gave him food in the kitchen. I locked the Blueys in the room. I have no choice, or Indy would run away the moment he hears them or sees them.

 But this time, I caught Indy and put him on top of my car, to help him reclaim his space in my porch.

So I stayed with Indy in the porch, just standing beside my car, for half an hour, so that he would feel confident enough to stay. And while I was doing that, Cow & Bunny mooched around, wondering what was happening...Indy didn't feel too comfortable with them around. Cow & Bunny are terrorists, I tell you. I was still in my work clothes, I didn't dare more or go take drink of water, or he might run away. To get him to lie down on my car is a great achievement already.

And today, I had this to do - a new stock of AnimalCare tshirts had just arrived yesterday, all ready for our Kathina sales. No tshirt sales, no money, no AnimalCare, it's as simple as that. This is what I have to do as it is my responsibility to keep AnimalCare up and running. So, the lady in the shop and I had a good workout today, carrying these boxes of tshirts to load into my car. One of the boxes was so big, I could not carry it out of my car today. So I transferred the tshirts out bundle by bundle into the house. You'd just got to do what you got to do, because it's a responsibility. 

So how was I going to stock-check and ensure Indy stays on top of the car? 

I had no choice but to open the front door, stock check near the door AND keep an eye on the Blueys to make sure they do not sneak out. Quite a mean task, if you asked me. Baloo and Bagheera are a crafty team. 

But Indy didn't last too long on the car, so he jumped down and walked out.


Never mind...will go get him back after awhile...

So, I went back to the road to hunt him down.

This time he was under a neighbour's car.

I brought Indy back, gave him food again and this time, I put him on his favourite shelf in the house...

I let him watch the Blueys....he seemed okay for awhile.

He jumped down and sat with me for awhile.

You see that, that's Cleo under my car. The porch belongs to Cleo now. And once Cleo gets something, I doubt anyone can get it back, not even Cow & Bunny. Cleo is the Dowager.

Indy wanted to go out again, so I put him on top of my car again.  

Indy is more comfortable this time. 

He sleeps and the moment he gets up, he gets a snack. 

But Bunny has to hound him...
How come Indy gets all this special treatment and I don't?

I even place a mat on top of my car for Indy.

There's Bunny....itching to do something. 

Cow & Bunny had been fighting the whole afternoon while I was trying to pacify Indy. I think they know something's going on and they are not very happy about it.

And the next moment I looked...

Indy is gone and Cow has taken over the top of the car.

And why are you so dirty around the mouth, Cow?

Oh my goodness, you're grey around the mouth! 

And by the time all these transpired, it was evening and I'm still in my work clothes. 

I'm supposed to go settle my phone problems at the shop, but I didn't dare drive the car out while Indy was on top of it. So, the phone would have to wait.

And now, where is Indy?

Oh, I brought him back in the rain just now. 

He's on top of my husband's car in the porch now.

I hope he gets the message that the top of the car in our porch is HIS.

Tomorrow, I'm going to visit the kind gentleman who has offered to adopt the Blueys as his office pets. Yes, I understand being office pets may not be ideal as they would be alone at night, but think about it, aren't our pets also alone in the morning when we are at work? And clinic pets (like RayRay and DonDon) are also alone at night? 

Andy Lew, this kind gentleman, offered to adopt them because he knows the problems I am facing and he wants to help me. Of course, it is also because he would like to have office pets as he spends a lot of time at the office. His staff and friends love cats. On weekends, he will take them home. His office is completely safe and he is the business owner. There is no danger of them going to the road at all (that's my greatest concern). Isn't that better than what I can provide? 

And he will get them spayed, give them medical treatment when required, and give them lots of love. 

And Andy is so magnanimous, his friend, Mr Teh (coincidentally, he's the Canine Caviar supplier I met at Cutie Pet!) has offered to foster the kittens if I still want to find them a better home.

For me, if the office is safe enough, they will be Andy's pets. There are two of them, so they will not be lonely. They are still at the age where they will delight in everything new and they will invent games to play. 

Since I'm tasked to rehome them, and since Indy is on the brink of running away, this is what I would do. 

If you want to be my friend, let me know if you have a better idea.  

My heartfelt thanks go to Punitha who has, on her own, been looking for adopters for me, and been helping me vet the adopters. My heartfelt thanks also go to KTAJ, who has publicised the Blueys for adoption on their website, and to all of you, for helping in whatever ways you have.  


Anonymous said...

I don't think being office pets is a bad thing providing he takes them home on weekend/public hols. If he spends a lot of time in the office means he has less time at home, isn't that better than being house pets. You could be with your owner for most of the day! The Blueys could also help the staff to de-stress. Increase in productivity? They can even be the office's mascot!

Hope we'll hear good news. ^^

Joy E. Saga said...

I think that's not too bad an idea too Kah Yein. Did you read about Dewey, the library cat?

Take heart and follow your intuition. Just hope Andy will keep us updated on the Bluey's progress.