Friday, October 21, 2011

What's wrong, Bobby? (and more Bluey stories)

Since about 4am this morning, Bobby has been pacing non-stop. Bobby sleeps with us every night, and husband says he thinks Bobby couldn't get up (maybe due to his arthritis) to urinate, and he wet himself. That must have got him very upset. By the time I was awakened by all the commotion, Bobby was just turning around in circles, moving non-stop. 

We tried holding him and cuddling him, but he wouldn't stop. He just walked round and round at a fast pace. It was quite worrying. 

He went onto the bed, down on the floor, all around the room, into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, and when we held him, he struggled free, and went round and round continuously. 

So, finally, I thought I should go downstairs so that he would follow me. Maybe the change of venue would stop him from pacing.

I came downstairs, Bobby followed and he finally stopped pacing.

I made him his usual breakfast, but he did not eat (which is a daily affair, because he needs a cat or the Blueys to test his food first).

Bobby...his pacing finally stopped and he settled down in the kitchen.

The Blueys were really worried too...

What's wrong with Uncle Bobby?

Of course they went for Uncle Bobby's food, as usual.

And, outside, in the porch...

Indy is still at his new sentry post.

He's the offiicial guardian of the books...make no mistake about that!
It's a very heavy responsibility.

Since he seemed to like his new place so much, I didn't even dare change anything by putting a towel on the books for him. He's happy this way...let's keep it that way.

Indy came into the kitchen to have his breakfast. This morning, he was given his favourite - raw liver. Can't give that too often, though, so it's a special treat for the new "Head of Security" today.

And finally, Bobby has settled down...

That's Baloo with Uncle Bobby.

Bagheera has other plans.

I wanna play!

The two have actually been climbing non-stop in the room during their waking hours. They just love to climb!

Well, they are going to get a cat-tree and a cat-castle in their new office-home, so they should have a blast!

I'd sure miss the Blueys after they are adopted, but it's for the best. I cannot adopt every kitten that I foster.  

For me, the most difficult task is rehoming. If I'm fortunate enough to get a good adopter who will provide his/her best for the animals with all sincerity, I think it is truly a gift that no money can buy. 

Yesterday, I texted Mr Teh to thank him for getting everything ready for the Blueys at their new office-home. He replied: We're supposed to thank you because you believe in our sincerity. I'm sure both of the kittens will cheer up our office environment (cat therapy). They will be our family members because we spend longer time in the office than in our own house. Thanks again.

I say a silent prayer of thanks to the Universe for making this possible for the Blueys. 

Thank you!


Joy E. Saga said...

Perhaps Bobby knows that the Blueys are going to their new family soon - so he wants to spend the last 72 hours or so with them :-)

I hope Cow will not be negligent on his duties to Bobby with the Blueys gone. :-)

cw lee said...

The Blueys definitely will b in good hands with many ppl to sayang them. Dont worry too much Dr.Chan, u can always drop by 4 a visit. Now u can spend more time with Bobby n Indy n get things back in order again. It is never easy (emotional wise) if we choose to care for animals. It could be exhilarating hilarious at one point n down to heartbreaking the next. Anyhow, I would like to say this to U again, U r a very Good, Kind, Wonderful
person. Many of us wd like to see u Happy. When I read you cried bcos of yr pent-up frustrations, my heart cried with u too but life still hv to move on. Be strong, I believe we r the "selected ones" 2 help the stray animals in this life
so let's keep doing our best when they crossed our path again

cw lee

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I admire what you do for the stray dogs and cats.

I have noted that you are often taken advantage of by some animal rescuers who dump their rescues onto you. For example, I read from your blog that the Blueys were supposed to be fostered by you for a short period only and the rescuer would take them back after that. But that hasn't happened and the rescuer has washed his/her hands clean.

And from what I have read, you often get upset by people who do not agree with what you do.

You may like to have a look at these:

a. Try to give yourself personal limits and LEARN TO SAY NO. Stress and fatigue occur when you overstep your personal limits. Do not be afraid to say NO to rescuers who are taking advantage of you. Do not succumb to emotional blackmail by these selfish rescuers.
b. Don't go on overdrive on your adrenalin. Respect yourself and know when to ask for help. I read that you are going around the vets seeing to the sick animals; you are selling tshirts to raise funds for the animals and you are distributing your books all practically on your own on top of your own office work and house work.
What do your other committee members in AnimalCare do I wonder?
c. Try not to worry about gaining approval from others. The only one you should worry about pleasing is yourself. For instance, you seriously don't need approval from anyone for giving up the Blueys for adoption. Though it will be painful for you to let the Blueys go, your conscience will be clear because you have taken care of them with so much love and have taken the effort to find them a good adopter.
d. Try not to be affected by what people say about your rescue work. Listen, but don’t absorb every one else’s emotions and feelings: Your mind belongs to you and you alone.
e. Learn to let go of negative information that you received and consider it ‘slime’; something you wish to get rid of.
f. Give yourself a break at least once a week to enjoy leisure time. You are the boss of yourself. Be true to yourself!

Take good care of yourself Dr Chan. You cannot take care of the animals if you are not well.

Thank you.

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much for your well-intentioned and thoughtful advice. I take heed of other people's comments because I know sometimes I may not be making the best decision, so I welcome opinions and I will consider them. Your kindness is much appreciated - thank you very much!