Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Indy's back home!!

After the Blueys were adopted by Andy, Indy started coming back on that very same day and he started "talking" again. 

So, I think it wasn't a coincidence that he had run away earlier. He WAS jealous of the Blueys. Indy is only three years old, so he's still young. Young human children get jealous too, don't they?  

Things are pretty much back to normal now. He still goes over to sleep under the neighbour's car, but he's back more often now. He lounges in the living room and on his granite kitchen table also, and he doesn't run away after eating. 

He's taken back sleeping on top of "his" car on the porch as well. Somehow Cleo has given the space back to him. 

He talks a lot, too!  

He still guards the books, of course.

The car is his again.

We saw him sleeping on the book wrapper yesterday. Indy doesn't like cloth, mats or towels. He likes paper.

Cleo's behaviour is also back to normal.

She's my husband's pet, but when the Blueys came, they took over that position and would sleep on the sofa whenever my husband watched TV (right behind him). Cleo ran off, and took Indy's porch, and that probably resulted in Indy running away?  Now, Cleo's back on the sofa. Indy's back in the porch.

All is well....I hope.


You'd think only we humans have politics?

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Joy E. Saga said...

Yeay!!! Glad that things are normalising again. :-)