Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Yes, we are official office cats now!" (Bluey updates)

Andy has uploaded lots of photo on

Here are some:

Uncle Teh and us.

Uncle Teh giving us our Vetri DMG.

We have a new toy to play with.....yippee!!

But we still like our Kangara house, of course!

And our fish pad.

 And our very first playhouse.

See...we can still get into it.

And oh, we have a new feather, too.

And Uncle Teh brought us new food...he made this food himself. 
It's named after his cat, Cindy.

Aunty Emily mashes up the fish so that we can eat it properly...but actually we can eat even big pieces!

Yum, yum...nicer than kibbles.
We have new bowls, too.

For the aunties who are worried about the electrical sockets, please don't worry now...Uncle Andy has bought the plastic seals. 

We love our tree...

And we have a brand new basket too.

And we are free to roam....yay!!

Hmmm...what's this?

And this?

Oh, it's that thing called "phone"? Maybe I can call Uncle Bobby?

But wait...there's so much to explore...

Yup, that's me on the calendar...yes, it's me.

That's Aunty Emily there...yes, we are official office cats now.

We help around in the office, you know.

We help with the filing.

We can type, too.

We check all the data as well, to make sure it's entered correctly.

Yup, we're official office cats now and we LOVE it!


Nazirah said...

Hooray for Bluey

mettateoh said...

Hooray for Uncle Teh who gives so much love to the cats

Anonymous said...

For those who asked Dr Chan to keep them, imagine if she did, would they have be having as much fun? They would have to be locked up when shes away. No offence Dr Chan...

There is a 50-50 chance that they would go to a good home. If you dont take it then there wouldnt be any chances at all.

chankahyein said...

Yes, they were locked up, but not in a cage. In my room with a cardboard box jungle gym to play on, ample food and water, baskets, scratchpads, blankets to sleep on, toys, etc. But they cannot remain this way all their lives. They definitely have a better life now, and definitely more space.

Yen Ling said...

:) The B&B are looking professional at their job!

Anonymous said...

Hope the office does not allow the pest control people to put rat poison or ants poison around the office which can come into contact with the Blueys.

Andy Lew said...

I am sure if Dr can keep them, she can definitely do a better job than us. We are just giving them space, and so happen the office has space, no big deal. Is the love and care that matters. When it comes to that, we are no where near. True feeling of mine. We do have pests control but only in the warehouse. Thanks for reminding anyway.