Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Blueys got trapped!

But no worries....they are perfectly fine....

So, what happened?

Well, last night, they were so happy to have discovered a new box. It's one of the many boxes as we are in the midst of packing. Actually, we are "supposed" to be packing but have not even started because I've been up to my neck every day running around, I haven't even had time to pack!

So, the Blueys had just invented a new game with this box, I decided to bring the box into their room for them to play for the night. 

This morning, when I came down to the kitchen, as I was preparing the adult's food, I did not hear any noise at all from the room. No scratching at the door, not pitter-patter footsteps...I was a little worried. But maybe it was 5am, so they were still fast asleep?

Then, I opened the door of the room and found out why....

The Blueys had played until the whole box overturned and both were trapped inside the box all night!

I quickly lifted the box and the two scuttled out, none the sadder, still as happy as ever, and went to "do their morning duty" of testing Uncle Bobby's food!

 Testing adult cat food as well.

Sigh, we might as well do the job...what will they do without us, yah?

Eating their own food.

Now, they are playing around the box again.

 Wheee!!  They are so happy with this new game.

They can groom themselves now...and they also groom each other.

Here are some photos taken last night...

As much as I'd be sad parting with them, I have my limitations and I need to be fair to my household and my 6 adult cats. Indy is still very jealous of them and only comes home for food once a day. Sometimes, he doesn't come home at all, and I have to go hunt him down and bring him back. Yesterday, I found him inside a dumper about 4 houses away. It is worrisome.

My other worry is that they are getting very adventurous now and I am not around to ensure their safety all the time. As such, they are locked in the room while I am away, which, besides work, also includes time away from home running AnimalCare. They deserve to be in a home where they are given more care and attention, especially at this stage of growing up.

My adult cats are cranky and very alpha and they have a history of chasing junior cats out of the house once they hit 5-6 months of age, unless the junior can stand her ground and establish her own territory. So far, only Suki has managed to do this.

All said, six cats are about all I can financially, emotionally and physically manage. I agreed to foster the Blueys because at that time, Bagheera was in dire straits and very weak. She was not even drinking any milk. The rescuer could not manage because she worked longer hours than me. 

The Blueys are fine now. They have been dewormed, examined by the vet, given a clean bill of health, but not vaccinated yet, as the vet advised to only do it one week from now. They feast on RC Baby Cat and Uncle Bobby's cooked chicken breastmeat in the morning.  

Baloo and Bagheera are up for adoption. I would want them to be adopted together, please. They need each other for company and as playmates. They need each other's warmth as well.

Criterion for adoption: Love them as much as you love yourself.  

And when/if they are adopted, someone else will also miss them...

  Uncle Bobby sleeping right outside the door of their room when I left for work yesterday.

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