Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Indy issue continues....

Indy did not come back for breakfast again this morning, so I went out to look for him. He was sleeping under a neighbour's car. I called him and he came out, but while carrying him back, he was aggressive and started hissing. I think he's telling me he doesn't want to be brought home.

Then, I brought him into the kitchen. I had prepared two dishes - his favourite chicken liver and his Royal Canin Renal, which he absolutely loves.

This morning, I had not let the Blueys out yet. I suspect Indy is very jealous of the Blueys, so I kept them inside the room and fed all the adults first. But of course, the Blueys were already scratching at the door.

Indy became very nervous and stressed when he heard the Blueys' scratching and started hissing, growling and even his claws came out.  He was very defensive and angry. Or insecure? 

He refused to eat and wanted to run out of the house.  

I coaxed him and talked to him, but it did not work.

So I brought Indy, and his two dishes out to the living room and placed all three on a sideboard and enclosed the space with some boxes so that he would feel safer.  

 He ate the liver and the raw chicken.

 I replenished the liver, but he didn't want anymore.
He also did not touch his RC Renal at all.

He then ran off out of the house again.

I let the Blueys out and they ate with Bobby.

Chilling with Bobby now...

I remember more than 2 years ago, I once brought home Felix, a rescued kitten with flu and eye infection, to foster, all my adult cats packed their bags and ran away that day. All eight of them except Vixey. Well, Vixey could not run away, she was physcially challenged. I could not get them back until I sent Felix away for boarding at the vet's. Even then, I had kept Felix in Mac's place, which is the backyard, but I remember, if I'm not mistaken, Indy was nice to Felix. Indy stayed and kept Felix company. Yes, he did. The rest ran away, totally out of sight. That was my first experience, and it got me so worried. After Felix was sent to the vet's, they all came back (after many hours), with their bags in tow.  

When Indy was young, he also helped foster two kittens, Creamie and Crackers. He stayed with them and provided warmth, just as Bobby is now doing for the Blueys. 

Indy with Creamie and Crackers

Indy was a very loving cat when young.

You see how people (and cats) change as they go through experiences in life. Yes, just like humans, they have issues, too. 

Cow, Bunny and Pole were absolutely intolerant of newcomers at that time (that age). Now, Cow, Bunny and Tiger have accepted the Blueys, but Indy runs away! Maybe it's the age? Indy is the youngest adult cat in my household. The age of jealousy, just like human children.  

Cleo chased her own brother, Wolf, away. We never found Wolf after that. We searched for weeks. 

So you see why fostering and adopting new cats is difficult for me? I cannot do something at the expense of my cats, it wouldn't be fair to them. But I'll still try to help when nobody else offers. That's the best I can do.  

So, when other people tell me, "Nope, sorry, I cannot do this", I won't ask a second time. They have their reasons and we would just have to respect that. Asking a second time is just nagging, being disrespectful, and not having any empathy for others. But worse than that, is to talk behind the person's back saying all kinds of things, like, "she talks so much about fostering and adopting, why can't she do it herself". Yes, that's what I hear behind my back. And that's really not nice, but I cannot stop people from saying whatever they want.  

My greatest problem with humans in the running of AnimalCare - their wagging tongue, not honouring their word and suppliers who don't meet deadlines or get my stocks all mixed-up (this list is not exhaustive, though).  

I can only do what I can, and I think AnimalCare has already provided quite a bit of help to many, many rescuers. I can foster, but only for a short period, because I KNOW my adults will react, and I have no idea how they would react in each case. It's all about feline affinity and non-affinity which we humans cannot predict nor control.  

I need an outlet to "let off steam" sometimes. Many unpleasant things go unreported in this blog as I see no reason to report them - those whom I talk about would read it, and they fire me till no end after that. Trust me, it isn't easy running AnimalCare and keeping it alive. 

Now, I have to figure out how to solve my Indy problem.  

Indy, we're already moving soon and in our new house, there will be a cat space...wait a bit, Indy. Don't run away, please. 

And an even bigger problem has just surfaced yesterday - another big tshirt stock mix-up by the supplier...it may be time to look for another supplier, but none that we have sourced would do tshirts in 14 sizes with Sports and Ladies, and in small quantities AND at this affordable price AND in fully-combed cotton...so we have no choice.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Doc! Remember the boy and the starfishes that he threw back into the sea? We have limitations but we do what is within our capacity. Yes, frustrating having to deal with wagging tongues, unreasonable, unreliable and challenging people. Be sorry for them but thankful for making you a better and stronger person to carry on your fabulous work - the reward? the dogs and felines adore you!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hang in there, Indy. Things WILL get better. Don't cause your mom any more problems than she already has.

Joy E. Saga said...

I had to pause to read this to completion - was crying ... (at work some more!)

Keep showering lots and love to Indy and keep telling him that you love him. Perhaps get him to sleep with you in the room, if you can catch him.

Will pray that all will get better soon for you Kah Yein.

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

so sad...hope indy can stay till you move to new house.

Turtle said...

"Indy was a very loving cat when young" where all the love Indy.. :'(