Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Fish, Duck-Hens, Hands-up and Mermaids!!

Catherina sent these photos:

Definitely a Fish.


Er...hands up? 

Now, this is hands-up, for sure.

The human pose??

This one wins hands-down!

I mean, hands-up!!

Thanks, Cath!


Ms.fida said...

Auwwww cuteeeeeeee! I loike :D

Connie said...

Just wondering.... If a cat sleep like in the last pic, does she snores? dog does & very loud too. Hehehe

Catherina said...

Yes, Elmo snores. Hehe..

NAndhini said...

Hahaha just made my day! What will we do without our furry friends.....

Connie said...

@Cath : hehehe
@Nandhini : Without my dogs I'll be lost because all my genius thinking inspired by them (them=10 fur kids, but only 1 snores, hehehe)