Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Blueys are Bobby's new breakfast guide-kittens!

Seems like Cow has officially relinquished his duty as the breakfast guide-cat for Bobby.

And why? 

This is why.

It's something I cannot quite understand...ever since Bobby's blindness started setting in, he has refused to eat unless a cat (which is Cow) takes him to his food-bowl and eats with him. We've tried force-feeding him, and it was a total disaster - he hates it. 

If there is no cat, Bobby simply refuses to eat. He'd just sit and stare at the direction of the food. So Cow, being the eldest (or so we think) has been doing this duty every single day of bringing Bobby to his food-bowl and eating with him (not eating everything, but just starting it off). Even when Cow was having fever once, he still faithfully did his duty as Bobby's breakfast guide-cat. 

But it appears that the Blueys have taken over this task now...

And much more...

The Blueys are really very well-behaved. They do play a lot, but not boisterously. 

They've climbed up to the bookshelves and cupboards now.

We're drinking from the adult bowl, too.

This morning's breakfast.

And oh, by the way, Indy came home all by himself for breakfast this morning. He had his favourite liver, canned Fussie Cat and his RC Renal. He managed to eat quite a bit until he heard the Blueys scratching at the door. Then, he scuttled away...back to the neighbour's culvert.

I am actually worried how I am going to acclimatize my (very territorial) cats in my new house soon. They are going to be confined in a cat-space at the back to prevent them from running away, but would there be enough space, I wonder. These six are so territorial and alpha in their own right, they demand for no less than a 2-metre radius to themselves ("Don't you DARE trespass into my territory, you hear?"). 

Do you have any tips on relocating cats, especially extremely alpha ones like mine? 

Cow, Bunny, Pole and Cleo are very alpha and looks like Indy is, too. 

That leaves only Tiger, the gentlest of 'em all.


Anonymous said...

Cik Deby said...

the blueys are so big now! they've grown so much.

Connie said...

Awwww..... That pictures of the blueys & uncle Bobby is priceless.